Transportation meeting scheduled

The kick-off meeting for the transportation system plan update will be held in the Community Development Building on Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 5 p.m.

The meeting will be the first round of public comment for citizens to discuss the future and existing transportation projects.

The City of Ashland recently contracted with HDR Engineering Inc. to review, analyze, and complete an update of several sections of the City's Transportation System Plan. The plan was last updated by WH Pacific in May of 1998. The project also incorporates updates to the Transportation Systems Development Charges.

The TSP updates includes a review of the existing conditions and constraints of the current transportation system, developing recommendations and basis for needed improvements and to develop a prioritized 20-year capital improvements project list.

The community is invited to share concerns and thoughts for a better transportation network. With the updated information, the consultant will work with the Ad Hoc SDC committee to form rationale and revised methodology for updating the City's Transportation SDCs.

Ashland's current (1998) Transportation System Plan has been the basis for transportation projects and capital infrastructure improvements for the past nine years. Many of the projects have been completed and others require further evaluation.

The Transportation Element completed in December 1996, and Chapter X of the City's Comprehensive Plan, remains in effect. This analysis is not intended to be a complete update to the TSP, and will focus only on updating projects for street improvements, bicycle routes, pedestrian access, and access to transit with adequate sidewalks or other pedestrian paths, disabled access points and furnishings such as bus shelters.

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