Two hurt in Hwy 99 crash

A dump truck struck a pickup that police say swerved into southbound traffic on Highway 99 near Valley View Road, injuring both drivers and backing up traffic in both directions for more than an hour Tuesday morning.

The drivers were transported by ambulance to Ashland Community Hospital after the 9:15 a.m. crash, said Senior Trooper William Matson with Oregon State Police. The driver of the dump truck, David Brewer of Central Point, and the driver of the pickup truck, James Dwyer of Ashland, were treated at the hospital and released Tuesday, according to the hospital.

Oregon State Police issued a citation to Dwyer for careless driving, Matson said.

Traffic remained diverted around the crash scene at the intersection of Highway 99 and Valley View Road until about 11 a.m. Tuesday, while investigators interviewed witnesses of the crash.

Immediately before the crash, the green Nissan pickup had been waiting in the Highway 99 southbound left-turn lane to turn onto Valley View Road, but the light did not change, likely because the truck hadn't driven far enough into the lane to activate the green-arrow light, Matson said.

After the light didn't cycle, the pickup swerved into the southbound lane, in the path of the dump truck, which was about to head into the intersection because the light was green, he said.

Matson said the dump truck struck the pickup, skidded diagonally across the intersection into the northbound lanes and flipped on its side. After it was struck by the dump truck, the pickup struck a Subaru, he said.

The pickup and dump truck were badly damaged in the crash.

Granite that the Talent-based dump truck had been carrying to Ashland was strewn across the northbound lanes of the highway during the crash.

The dump truck likely was totaled in the crash, said Brian Hamlin, general manager of All In One Rental Inc., which owns the dump truck.

"It's unfortunate," he said. "But I'm just glad nobody got seriously hurt."

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