U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will boost Rogue River flows

Rogue River flows will increase this evening as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ups its releases from Lost Creek Lake now that the reservoir is ahead of schedule for filling.

Out-flows that have been hovering around 900 cubic feet per second will start going up at 5 p.m. today until they reach 1,900 cfs by 7 p.m., according to the Corps.

Similar increases will take place Wednesday evening until the out-flow reaches 2,500 cfs, the Corps says.

It's the first increase in out-flows since the fall.

Sturdy upper Rogue in-flows helped the lake surge from 10 feet shy of normal two weeks ago to about six feet ahead of its normal filling schedule for today, the Corps reported.

Another storm front is forecast to hit the region at the same time as today's increased flows from Lost Creek Lake, which is Jackson County's largest reservoir.

Out-flows are not scheduled to change at Applegate Lake, which remains about 11 feet shy of normal for today,

The Corps announced its flow changes just minutes ago.

— Mark Freeman

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