Valley Kiwanis Clubs Support Salvation Army

Kiwanis Clubs support Salvation Army

In early December, 2007, members of several Kiwanis Clubs in the Rogue Valley rang bells for the Salvation Army to help them collect funds for their many programs for the needy. Each year, a day or two is set aside to help the Salvation Army raise money for its programs.

Kiwanis Clubs from Ashland, Jacksonville, Medford and Table Rock (in Central Point) joined forces on what has become known as "Kiwanis Bell Ringing Days".

The clubs raised $5,232.

The Ashland High School Key Club helped out Ashland Kiwanis and the South Medford Key Club helped out Jacksonville Kiwanis.

The total of $5,232 was the largest annual amount raised by these four clubs since record keeping began 1994. In addition, we saved the Salvation Army $480 in wages in 2007 from the volunteer efforts of all four Kiwanis Clubs, and the two Key Clubs. Since 1994, a total of $42,429 has been raised from these bell ringing days.

Together, the Kiwanis Clubs thank the citizens of Ashland, Jacksonville, Medford, and Central Point for making this another huge success for the Salvation Army.

For more information about the Kiwanis Club of Ashland, and its many programs for children and others in the community, please call 488-0532.

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