Voters' pamphlets start arriving in mailboxes Oct. 6

Voters' pamphlets for the Nov. 4 election will be delivered beginning the week of Oct. 6 to all local postal addresses, and ballots will be delivered beginning Oct. 18. If you have not received a ballot by Oct. 23, call the county elections office at 774-6148.

Ballots must be received at that office or in an official drop box no later than 8 p.m. on Nov. 4 to be counted. Ashland's official 24-hour drop box is located outside the Ashland Public Library; it will open on Monday, Oct. 27. Postmarks do not count for the Nov. 4 deadline.

Receiving a voters' pamphlet does not mean you are registered to vote. Voters who have recently moved or changed a name or mailing addresses must update their registration. The registration deadline is Oct. 14.

A valid Oregon driver's license, Social Security number, photo identification card, government document, utility bill, paycheck stub or bank statement is required to register.

Registration cards can be found at the department of motor vehicles, the post office or online by following the election links at To register in person, visit the Medford elections office at 1101 W. Main St. If you have questions about your voter registration status, call the elections office at 774-6148.

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