Walden's office is flooded after frozen pipes burst

It's still business as usual for U.S. Rep. Greg Walden's Medford staff, just from places other than his office.

Staff members are working from alternate locations in the aftermath of a flood caused by two burst water mains in the office building at 14 N. Central Ave.

"There's no water or heat," Communications Director Andrew Malcolm said. "Our staff is working at alternate locations."

But staff is still available to help.

"If people need immediate assistance they're encouraged to call our office in Washington, D.C.," Andrew Malcolm said. The number is 202-225-6730.

Damp carpet, bubbling walls and brown ceiling tiles were all the product of a water main that burst above the conference room and flowed downstairs to Sentinel Security and other businesses below.

"The water was just cascading down," Deputy Chief of Staff Colby Marshall said as he pointed to the damage in Walden's office.

The water damage was mitigated at Walden's office thanks to the quick work of a cleaning crew that first spotted the damage while working Sunday, according to Marshall.

"The cleaning crew saved our bacon on this," Marshall said. "Had the cleaning crew not found this, it would've run all day."

The cleaning crew called the fire department to stop the water.

A thermometer showed 45 degrees inside as workers from Johnson Controls inspected pipes from the building's boiler because it showed signs of also having frozen.

"They're isolating one thermostat at a time," Bill Geiger of Sentinel Security said. "When we're done with that then we'll start with the repairs."

Although Walden's business can carry on fairly easily, others in the building were more affected.

Employees doing cleanup at Christian's Downtown Pharmacy had no choice but to pull the gate closed and turn customers away while the HVAC workers inspected the building.

"I'd like to be open tomorrow," pharmacy owner Isaac Wine said, adding that his staff is ready to reassemble the pharmacy once repairs are complete.

Wine and his staff were cleaning up after a second water main in the building near the business burst. Wine added that they were ready to reassemble the pharmacy as soon as the building was ready.

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