Washington cat located in Ashland

When KeeKee sauntered into Blackstone Audio's warehouse a couple weeks ago, the big, burley night workers went head over heels for the little cutie.

Employees attempted to find who owned the 4-year-old stray cat, whom they named KeeKee, but when those attempts failed, they happily adopted her as their mascot, joining other Blackstone resident pets Orange, Fred and Scar.

"You should see the food station and the bed they made up for her," said Carol Bonney, with the company's customer service department. "The guys in shipping just thought the world of the cat."

One employee, Janelle Davidson, decided to have a vet look KeeKee over and learned she had a microchip.

KeeKee, whose real name is Mia, was actually from Everett, Wash.

Cynthia Turner, Mia's owner, said she was thrilled when she got the call from her vet saying Mia had been located.

That Mia was found in Ashland wasn't shocking. That she was found five miles from where she ran off is a mystery.

Cynthia said her husband David lives in California eight months out of the year for work.

"He was taking Mia to keep him company, but stopped in Ashland to visit my mom before he headed to California," she said. "He let her out in the morning so she could go to the bathroom or whatever. He just turned his back and she was gone &

missing in action, just like her name."

Cynthia said the story is remarkable for several reasons, but mainly that the cat was found five miles from where she was lost.

"My mom lives by Lithia Park," she said. "One of our theories is that Mia saw David drive away and started chasing after him. We've romanticized the heck out of this."

David and Cynthia were reunited Saturday with their little runaway. And while Blackstone employees are happy for the Turners, several hearts have been broken.

"We're very sad to see her go," said Bonney. "We love our pets at Blackstone. Mike, the big burley guy that's been taking care of KeeKee, looked really sad and quietly said, 'We need to get a kitty.'"

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