Water cutback halted

City officials announced Tuesday that they have ended mandatory water curtailment measures because of the return of rain.

Mandatory water curtailment began on Aug. 25 due to low levels in Reeder Reservoir. Water customers who exceeded limits were charged four times the normal water rate on the excess water used.

Curtailment rates will be phased out of the billing cycle by Oct. 23, officials said.

Utility bills are mailed in nine cycles during a four-week period. Water customers who have not yet received their October bill, which reflects September use, and who exceeded limits will see the higher charges on their bills, officials said.

"Ashland residents and businesses responded well to water curtailment and significantly reduced their water use over the past several weeks," Ashland Public Works Director Mike Faught said. "We're confident our water supply will be sufficient now that the rains have begun."

Ashland's water supply originates in the Ashland Watershed in the hills above town. The water is stored in Reeder Reservoir.

During the curtailment, the city supplemented water supplies with treated Talent Irrigation District water.

The city last went to mandatory water curtailment in 2001.

To learn more about water conservation programs offered through the city, contact Ashland Water Conservation Analyst Robbin Pearce at 488-5587 or 552-2062 or visit www.ashland.or.us/conservation.

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