Who is the Big Bad God of the Bible?

The hellish ordeals we sometimes experience, as well as the brutality of evil we witness, may all be part of a greater plan by God ... to prove a point. The evil unleashed upon the world — and allowed to run rampant — may very well be part of God's grand plan that will someday be revealed.

Mark Littleton's latest book, "Big Bad God of the Bible," (Living Ink Books) proposes the statements above and seeks to address and answer some of the toughest questions and harshest criticisms of Christianity. The 328-page story approaches the subject of belief by introducing three characters who are non-believers. Each of these characters are seen through the eyes of Littleton as confused, questioning and deeply distraught with their current state of life.

Through most of the book we learn about Doug, Jesse and Julie through their dialogue with Mark at a series of coffee shop meetings. Through these different personalities, Littleton addresses some of the most difficult issues of life, which impact all of humanity regardless of belief.

Doug, a wealthy insurance salesman and Christian skeptic with a keen knowledge of Scripture, gives Mark all he can handle as the discussion delves deep into some of the most troubling questions of Christian faith.

Jesse is a large, burly truck driver with a mean disposition and a life filled with baggage that's overflowing with past problems which continue to haunt him.

Julie adds a female perspective to the group. She's an attractive, well-coifed, intelligent no-nonsense professional with a strong ability to see through weak arguments ... except when they are posed by the men in her life.

Littleton's book is an easy read, but requires a highlighter to be kept handy. He packs a lot of information into a simple storyline and addresses issues of Christian faith that most Christians may find brand new. Both Christians and skeptics alike will find this book riveting. But it often raises as many questions as it attempts to answer.

So I picked up the phone and contacted Mark Littleton to ask him directly some very difficult questions. The audio of that interview is attached to this article.

Below are the chapters in the book, Big Bad God of the Bible:

Ch. 1: The God Who Befuddles Us All

Ch. 2: The Test in the Garden: We All Had It Perfect, and Yet We Rejected It Wholesale

Ch.3: The Curse on the Serpent Explains Satan's Hatred for Humankind and God, and Why He Does Everything to Mess Up Our World

Ch. 4: The Curse on the Woman Caused the Whole Battle of the Sexes That Rages in the World Today

Ch. 5: The Curse on the Man Demonstrates Why Like in This World is Such a Struggle, Even Though Again It Points to Redemption

Ch.6: The Cause of Most of the Evil in Our World Is Nasty People Doing Nasty Things and Not Caring about Those They Hurt

Ch. 7:God Is Not the Reason Evil Came Into Our World

Ch. 8: The Ultimate Problem of Evil Is Not Knowing Enough, or Feeling the Wrong Desires and Choosing to Do the Wrong Things Regardless

Ch. 9: The Ultimate Truth About Our World: We are Smack-dab in the Middle of a Do-or-Die War

Ch.10: Discovering the Plan of God that Commandeers History Is One of the Greatest Encouragements That Can Come into Your Life

Ch. 11: We Have True Freedom, and Yet, Miracle of Miracles, God is still totally in charge

Ch. 12: The Problem of Hell is Actually a Tremendous Encouragement and Motivation

Ch. 13: Everything in Life Counts Before God, and Incredible Rewards Await Those Who Believe

Ch.14: Faith in Jesus is the Final and Ultimate Dividing Line For Every Person, And It's the Most Perfect Expression of Our Recognition of Who He Is

Ch. 15: Real Hope resides in Jesus Christ — in Nothing and No One Else

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