WinterFest at Green Springs

Once again the kids of Pinehurst School are venturing into the bustling marketplace of holiday fairs and Christmas tree sales. Their annual WinterFest is set for Saturday, Dec. 6, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Green Springs Inn on Highway 66, about 17 miles east of Ashland.

With help from parents and a supportive community, the tiny student body, including some tiny students, of western Oregon's smallest public school have fashioned bird houses, suet feeders, wreaths, gift baskets and much more to help support art and music programs, their library and field trips.

Pinehurst School Foundation will offer fresh-cut Christmas trees for sale, mostly Shasta red fir with nicely spaced branches, perfect for hanging ornaments. The trees were harvested with permission from the U.S. Forest Service from federal land as part of a thinning program. To comply with school safety policy, adults handled chain saw operation.

To warm visitors on what is forecast to be a sunny but brisk December day, Pinehurst students will serve piping hot apple cider, cocoa, homemade pastries and hearty soup around a crackling bonfire.

A gentle draft horse lent by a Green Springs neighbor will provide the pulling power for wagon rides around Green Springs Inn and the neighboring Green Springs Cabins property.

For more information about WinterFest, call Pinehurst School at 482-1910 or visit

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