Woman reported missing

A 20-year-old developmentally disabled woman went missing May 10 and her parents are worried.

, who lives with her brother at 357 Alta Ave., was last seen by her father, Phillip, that Saturday.

"He saw her grab her purse and walk out of the house," said Linsday's mother, Shelley. "And that's the last we saw of her."

The Linsdays filed a missing person's report with the Ashland Police Department on May 14 after Adeline missed several meetings with teachers and case workers.

"She left all of her personal belongings," her mother said. "The fact that she didn't even take her toothbrush is what bothers me the most. To me, it seems she left without expecting to be gone for long."

Shelley said that, since her daughter's disappearance, she's been monitoring her cell phone and bank records.

"There's been absolutely no activity," she said. "That's so unlike her because Adeline is on her cell phone all the time."

The Linsdays suspect Adeline could be with a Medford friend named Peanut, a 23-year-old woman. Shelley also said Adeline had recently mentioned that she wanted to travel to Southern California.

Police have gone to Peanut's Medford residence three times, Shelley said.

"They said it didn't look like anyone had been there and the car was missing," Shelley said.

Ashland Police Chief Terry Holderness said Medford police have been assisting in the case, checking on a few Medford locations. He said the case has special circumstances because of Adeline's diminished mental capacities.

"Normally, if we have an adult who is missing by choice, we wouldn't use this many resources to try and find them. But because of the dependency issues involved, it's difficult to tell if the adult is missing by choice," Holderness said.

He said the case has been entered into the National Crime Information Clearinghouse.

"But even if a police officer in another state had contact with her, he would note that she was an adult missing person and notify us that he saw her and she looked healthy," Holderness said. "We in turn would notify the family and let them know that she is healthy. But that's really all we could do."

Shelley said her concern also stems from recent behavioral changes, such as Adeline quitting her caregiver job at Skylark retirement center in Ashland two weeks before her disappearance.

"And she's been spending a good deal of time riding the bus to Medford. We don't know where she's been going," said Shelley. "We're very concerned that she has gotten mixed up in something dangerous. It's come to the attention of her family and the police that she's come into contact with some questionable people."

Shelley said Adeline has an IQ of about 60 and is very friendly and trusting.

"I think that is one of the main reasons the police are taking this so seriously," she said.

Linsday is 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighs about 140 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She also wears a wig due to a medical condition, according to her mother.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the police at 482-5211, case No. 08-1490.

Reach reporter at 482-3456 x226 or .

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