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UN: Gunmen blocked Darfur refugees


Gunmen prevented humanitarian workers from moving traumatized, new arrivals from neighboring Sudan's Darfur region to a refugee camp inside Chad, the U.N. refugee agency said today.

It was unclear if the move was connected to Chad's threat on Monday to expel Sudanese refugees if they were not transferred elsewhere. The Chadian prime minister had blamed the influx of some 300,000 refugees for worsening tensions with Sudan.

Analysts had seen the threat as a ploy to encourage a speedy deployment of a European Union peacekeeping force being sent to protect more than half a million refugees in a volatile triangle in Central Africa where the borders of Chad, Sudan and Central African Republic meet.

Spokeswoman Helene Caux said the agency had trucks ready to move the refugees to the relative safety of a camp, but she said they were awaiting permission from Chad's government. The camp is located in Guereda, about 30 miles from the border from Sudan. Caux said it was impossible to say who the gunmen were. Several armed groups operate along Chad's border with Sudan.

Political rivals agree to election review

NAIROBI, Kenya &

Kenya's political rivals have agreed on the need for an independent review of the disputed election, but the difficult question of sharing power has yet to be resolved, chief mediator and former U.N. chief Kofi Annan said today.

"Let me assure you that there is real momentum," Annan told reporters, one day after the agreement was signed.

The deal marks the first time government officials have agreed to a review of the presidential election's results, a clear sign of progress weeks after the dispute triggered nationwide violence that has killed more than 1,000 people.

The rival camps have been under pressure to share power, but the issue remains a thorny one. The preliminary agreement calls for the two sides to draw up a new constitution within a year, which could pave the way for a prime minister's post or another way to share power.

"We have only one outstanding issue ... the governance structure, which is being actively discussed. Several options have emerged," said a copy of the agreement obtained by The Associated Press, adding that the negotiators now will consult President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga.

But in the western town of Kisumu, scene of some of the worst bloodshed, residents said they were getting restless about the seemingly drawn-out negotiations, which were to continue Tuesday.

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