A leaf poem

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In my free time — in between filing stories on the H1N1 virus or the planning commission or crowded classrooms — I like to write about things that would never make the front page. A fall leaf, for example. Imagine: "Breaking news: A leaf on a maple tree at the intersection of Helman and North Main streets turned red this morning, as it prepared for its descent off the tree, which is readying for winter."

So here's an odd, just-written, somewhat-scrappy poem about that very leaf.

The leaf

held by a stem to a tall tree

turning from green

to a deeper shade

the same

but not quite

the same shade

as the other leaves

like flames

and now the wind

or the branch

— no: the leaf —

is alive and it

falls free for seconds.

Think of that when someone says

life is short.

I'm confident lots of you can come up with better leaf poems. Send in your verses by e-mailing them to hguzik@dailytidings.com.

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