A peaceful path on your journey

We all want to find a peaceful journey on our path in life. A peaceful journey includes an abundance of unconditional love and joy.

It is easy to practice peacefulness when we are on vacation or in a nature environment. The challenges occur when we are surrounded by outside circumstances that seem unjust, unloving and unfair. This is when our peaceful journey tends to be shaken and chaos occurs both internally and externally.

In order to have a peaceful journey, it's important to learn how to hold divine love for self and the divine and acceptance, compassion and goodness for all living things especially during the chaos.

A Soap Opera Lifestyle is an emotional and mental attachment to unjust, unfair, and unhappy situations creating drama and judgment which occurs during the observation stage, where you analyze and judge self, a situation or others. Your focus is on changing an external part of your life. There's a tendency to want to fix, change and improve the unjust, unfair, unhappy part in self, others and situations. This external focus will lead to a victimization and feeling of helplessness. You will become discouraged, frustrated, confused, and angry possibly becoming mistrustful and jealous of others' success; you could have passive/aggressive behaviors and feel you have to protect and defend yourself and/or others.

Our mind is like a computer: What we focus on expands and creates that reality. Many common reasons for the Soap Opera behavior stem from a "need" for approval, acceptance or love.

A Peaceful Journey is an internal serendipity with circumstances that seem unloving, unjust and unfair. You know there is a positive reason for this circumstance, leading to growth, wisdom and opportunities. You don't over-analyze and you choose acceptance, enjoyment, appreciation, value, trust and faith with the unknown. You understand that if it's important to know the reason in time you'll know.

The peaceful journey begins when you practice spiritual hearing — an awareness and knowing of your divine heart, thereby peace, joy and abundance manifests as well as acceptance and compassion for others, especially during chaos, unjust, unfair and unloving situations.

The steps for a peaceful journey is pretty simple, yet can be challenging when obstacles occur. The application for a peaceful journey begins when you demonstrate gratitude, love and acceptance.

Helpful hints on staying on a peaceful journey in your path to life are as follows:

  • Practice meditations to quiet the mind and connect the heart on a deeper level.
  • Practice being at peace with the unknown.
  • Relax the fears and surrender to having to know the answers now.
  • Come from compassion and desire for freedom, remaining free of all attachments.
  • Have gratitude for the desires for which you choose to experience.
  • Visualize the desires as if they already exist now.
  • Have faith and patience for the desire to manifest, continuing to be grateful.
  • If you want to transform an external part of your life, transform the internal belief that holds those patterns in place.
  • If you become discouraged, quiet the mind and connect with what brings you pleasure, allowing the heart to expand and feel energized.
  • Observe all the crosses your path — both in your reading and listening — and sense from the heart. Ask yourself if it led you toward love, compassion, and self-understanding or take away from self-love and self-worth.
  • Look and listen to your inner vocabulary that you use on yourself and others making sure there is no victimization, negativity or judgment.

It is only in the state of the highest self that you can glimpse joy and release pain and fears. May peace, joy, abundance and love be with you.

Angelica Rose is a national training specialist and spiritual teacher. She lives in the Eugene area.

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