Q: What are the most common types of things that you (or APD officers) respond to?

A: This really depends on what shift you work. An officer working day shift often responds to residential and business burglaries, fraud, traffic accidents and a multitude of thefts (shoplifting, bicycle, car prowls, etc). Day shift officers typically handle the majority of the civil complaints as well. These can range from custody disputes to someone calling because their neighbor's tree is growing into their yard. I'm not kidding, I've had that call.

Swing shift and graveyard officers often respond to domestic disputes, fights, DUII's and the crashes that are a result of DUII's, parties (which often turn into MIP offenses), noise complaints and disorderly conduct incidents. Bet you can guess what many of these calls have in common (alcohol intoxication).

Almost all shifts will have 9-1-1 hang up calls, alarms and drug offenses as well as the routine patrol that results in traffic enforcement and warrant arrests.

Q: Several kids have recently been selling magazines at my house. Is this legal for them to do?

A: Every person who conducts business in Ashland is required to have a business license. Never feel bad about asking the person who is trying to sell you something to see their business license. If they are legitimate they should not have a problem doing so. If you are interested in the product ask for literature and contact information so that you can research their company and make sure that they actually exist. Any person who cannot provide you with this information when asked may not be a legitimate business person. A quick search on the Internet for consumer complaints on the company can often be eye-opening and possibly save you some money.

Never give out your contact information or let the sales person into your home. At best the kids selling magazines are trying to make money with the help of a legitimate company. Just be aware that often this sales method is paired with sales people that are picked because they can deliver a really good story while they defraud you from your money and sometimes your identity too.

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