Ask APD July 8

Q: One of the kids in my neighborhood is always shooting targets with an air gun. It's loud and annoying. Is there anything that I can do about it?

A: Ashland's Municipal code prohibits the discharging of any firearm within the city limits. This includes "spring or air-actuated pellet guns, air guns, or BB guns." Many people do not realize this and, if you feel comfortable speaking with you neighbor, your problem may be solved by mentioning the law to them. You can always call police the next time you see the child shooting the air gun if you would rather not have that conversation. Usually, the officer that responds informs the parents and child about the law and issues a warning if they haven't been previously contacted for the same reason.

As a side note, all parents should be extra careful when letting their children play with air and/or pellet guns. Many of the "fake" guns are unbelievably realistic looking and it is not uncommon for law enforcement to receive calls about "unknown subjects" with guns in neighborhoods or at schools. Remember, you know your children but that doesn't mean that your 16-year-old doesn't look threatening to someone else. especially when they are waving around a black gun.

If law enforcement comes in contact with someone holding a gun they will be treated the same each time, no matter their age or their assurance that the gun is a fake. We will not take a subject's word on that. Please make sure that your children understand how their actions with fake weapons can be viewed by others. It is very important that children know never to point a fake weapon at law enforcement when contacted.

Q: My child was contacted by an officer in Lithia Park and told that the park was closed. I wasn't aware that Ashland parks had "hours." Can you tell me when Lithia Park closes?

A: Lithia Park is closed from 11:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. There are quite a few laws that only pertain to Lithia Park and can be easily viewed at Click on the Municipal Code link and then view 10.68 for public parks.

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