Ask APD May 28

Q: There is a dog that has been running around Ashland for several days and I would like to know what your responsibility is as officers to take care of it.

A: If you're talking about a white shepherd mix then I know the dog very well and many of us have attempted several times to catch it but it's sneaky and for some reason doesn't like the back of our patrol cars. We would really like to be able to catch dogs that are loose in the city for many reasons. It's always nice to be able to return them to owners that are often frantically trying to find them and too often loose dogs end up being struck by vehicles when they try to cross busy streets like Siskiyou Boulevard and North Main Street.

It is true that if we cannot find the owner we take the animal to what is often referred to as "doggy jail," the Jackson County Animal Shelter in Talent. The animal is provided with a kennel, food, water and many attempts are made to locate an owner. This is why it is very important to have your dog properly licensed with Jackson County. If an officer locates a dog that has a Jackson County tag we can run the number through our dispatch and often make contact with the owner, eliminating the need to take the animal to the shelter.

Officers are under no obligation to catch loose dogs but often try if the dog is not vicious, as our patrol cars are not equipped with the tools used by Jackson County animal control to catch dogs. In Ashland there are several municipal ordinances that residents can be cited for regarding their dogs including not having a dog on a leash, having a dog in a city park and not having control of your dog (letting it run loose). A violation of these ordinances can result in a $250 fine.

Q: My friend was taken to jail for a DUII. I got a ticket for a DUII a while back and was not taken to jail. Why did my friend go to jail for just a DUII and I didn't?

A: There are many reasons that your friend may have been lodged at the jail instead of given a citation when he or she was arrested for DUII (Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants). Possibly there were additional charges or some other factor that your friend has failed to tell you about. The arresting officer is under no obligation to give a subject arrested for DUII a citation in lieu of custody as it is a crime.

Without going into a long lecture on the dangers of driving intoxicated, I will say that it is not a crime to be regarded as less significant than others. The injury and destruction caused by intoxicated drivers is more likely to be felt by you and your loved ones than any other crime we arrest people for. Each time an officer makes a DUII arrest they have taken an extremely dangerous person off of the streets that you or your family may have been driving or walking on.

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