Bagels for breakfast

Breakfast dates are often overlooked as the perfect opportunity to get out and sample something new. They can be cheap, too.

Sometimes we're just unable to get out of the house in the evenings or afternoons because of work and other responsibilities or maybe, as of late, it's just too hot to consider walking into that sweltering invisible, yet tangible, wall of heat.

You can get one of The Little Shop of Bagels' hearty day-starters at two locations in Ashland. There's an almost boggling assortment of choices to choose from. You may even find a new favorite. Their bagels with cream cheese will cost you less than $3, so you can feel free to go ahead and order that cup of coffee, too.

The Little Shop of Bagels is located at 1644 Ashland St. Unit 5. Brothers' restaurant at 95 N. Main St. also carries these bagels, making them easily accessible to just about everyone in town.

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