Benefit tonight for missing brother

Ashland musician Ed Dunsavage has not given up hope that his brother has survived more than a week lost at sea off the Honduras coast, though the search effort has been scaled back considerably.

New Jersey native Joe Dunsavage, 49, disappeared May 10 after setting sail in his 10-foot pontoon boat off Roatan, the largest of Honduras' Bay Islands. He intended to go fishing along a reef amid the picturesque islands, Ed Dunsavage said.

The Dunsavage family can no longer foot the bill for the search, which involved planes and helicopters buzzing the area where Dunsavage was last seen. Ed Dunsavage estimates the search was costing between $10,000 and $20,000 per day.

"We are now coordinating with local volunteers from Belize and Honduras to continue the search," Ed Dunsavage said. "They have been very helpful."

The group now is focusing on a 500-mile stretch along the northern Honduras coast.

The U.S. government last week sent a Blackhawk helicopter and two search planes to the Central American nation, but were unable to find Dunsavage despite burning 40 hours of flight time and covering a search area of 16,220 miles.

Ed Dunsavage, a jazz musician, said Rogue Valley residents have been more than generous in their donations to fuel the continued search for his brother.

"I played at Martino's in Ashland recently and people came up to me and handed me envelopes with donation money inside," he said.

The family has not made a tally of the donations, Ed Dunsavage said.

The family's search inadvertently turned up a stranded Nicaraguan fisherman, who had survived 18 days at sea when he was safely recovered.

"It makes be think my brother could have survived, too," Ed Dunsavage said.

A benefit concert is planned tonight at the Old Siskiyou Barn in Ashland to help fund the search, Ed Dunsavage said.

"We still have a few seats left, but they are selling out," he said. "We expect to sell them all."

In addition, donations can be made to an online PayPal account by visiting Select "send money" from the top tool bar, then enter the e-mail address in the "send money" box to complete the transaction.

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