Blues Festival Schedule


The Historic Ashland Armory


11 a.m. Corey Harris &

Blues guitar

12:30 p.m. Nathan James and Ben Hernandez &

home-made instruments: how to make them; how to play them

2 p.m. Paul Sprawl &

Blues guitar


11 a.m. Sugar Pie DeSanto and James Moore (owner of Jasman Records) &

Working with the Masters of the Blues.

12:30 p.m. Ty Curtis &

Blues guitar

2 p.m. Annie McIntyre &

Why people sing: exploring the psychological, physical and spiritual connections.

Free concerts

Standing Stone Restaurant

101 Oak St.


12 p.m. Blue Notes

1 p.m. Roadmasters &

Tom Frederick, Tom Freeman, Craig Schmele and Bill Hahey

2 p.m. Door Shakers from Grants Pass

3 p.m. Lori Brown and Soul Food


12 p.m. Mark and Cindy DeGroft

1 p.m. Chuck Yates

2 p.m. Karen Lovely Band

3 p.m. Beau Berry Band

Alex's Restaurant

35 N. Main, on the Plaza


12 p.m. Jerry Zybach

1 p.m. Mike Slizewski and Rob Eller

2 p.m. Craig Wright

3 p.m. Gunnar Roads


12 p.m. Jim Roy and Larry Eaton

1 p.m. Scott Woolsey

2 p.m. Gene Burnett

3 p.m. Pete Herzog

Avalon Bar and Grill

105 W. Valley View, Talent


12 p.m. Tim Church and Craig Schmele

1 p.m. MAJIK &

Marcela Ruikis, Jim Quimby, and Kent Hayward

2 p.m. Jack Fischer and Russ Rodriguez

3 p.m. Rick Di Dia and Aireene Espiritu


12 p.m. Craig Martin and Boris Cummings

1 p.m. Mac Potts

2 p.m. Jaywalker &

Dal Carver, Brent Norton, Jeff Adicott, Linda Marie Greenburg Rose Marie Mayer

3 p.m. Wayne Brandon Joel Diehl

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