Calling All Hearts

"Knowing what is within brings peace."

— Prem Rawat

I was always looking for something. As a child, it took the form of the question, "Why am I here?" An image of myself, standing with hands on hips and insisting someone should be explaining all this to me, comes to mind. Hopefully I became a little less annoying as I matured.

But I remained thirsty and puzzled into adulthood as to why no one would even answer my question. Then ... Gasp! What if no one knows the answer to my question? Still nothing. I eventually became distracted by the events of my life. That pesky thirst persisted.

At a certain point, I learned about a man who speaks of peace and self-knowledge. The message of Prem Rawat touched a part of me that, even though familiar, I hadn't remembered in a long time.

There is a quote from an unknown author: "A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and sings it back to you when you have forgotten how it goes."

Who knew that someone with such simple mastery could show me how to recognize and claim what was mine all along? No belief, no lifestyle, no philosophy, no cultural identity required. Very real, very practical, nothing to give up, free.

Call it Inner Peace, Truth, Purpose, Fulfillment — naming it has become irrelevant. Prem Rawat has shown hundreds of thousands of others this same experience he calls Knowledge, and has dedicated his life to reminding people like me when we forget.

And forget, I do. How fortunate that the journey of coming home to myself again and again is so sweet.

Prem Rawat, or Maharaji as he is widely known, has been delivering his "words of peace" to millions of people since the age of three. His addresses are translated into dozens of languages, and the worldwide recognition and awards from governments and humanitarian organizations for his tireless efforts towards peace are numerous and heartfelt. Peace is his passion. Impressive, yes. But for me, it's personal.

I was thirsty, and lucky, lucky, lucky me, I find the well. The message of Prem Rawat is in fact more than just words. After more than thirty of years of enjoying Knowledge, it still surprises me that there exists such a possibility in this life — like a seed, so carefully tucked away in the perfect place for safekeeping, inside my heart. Anyone whose heart is similarly touched by reading my story is welcome to contact me, or can log on to to learn more.

Kay Stein, a 40 year resident of Ashland, has worked in the areas of human services, aging, and radio production, and currently writes and plays music. Prem Rawat's addresses can be viewed in the award-winning series "Words of Peace," broadcast locally every Sunday at 4 p.m. on RVTV's channel 15.

The Ashland Daily Tidings invites resident's of the Rogue Valley to submit articles on inner peace, where do we find it, what particular path worked and how has it been helpful. Also included are all the various aspects of inner peace such as intuition; guidance; courage; fearlessness; forgiveness; giving and receiving; joy; tolerance; acts of kindness; gratitude; life's challenges of grief, pain, addictions and more. When we share our stories, lives are touched in ways seen and unseen, thus our community spirit, energy and growth is enhanced in the dialog on living and practicing inner peace. Send your article from 600 words to Sally McKirgan To see all articles on inner peace: search on inner peace.

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