ChurchPunkMom continues story about Ashland

Editor's note: This is an excerpt taken from the blog Writing About Writing (& Art).

Earlier this month a 29-year-old Midwest resident, who calls herself ChurchPunkMom, started writing a short story about a woman who recently moved from Ashland to Chicago.

She's written three sections of the story so far and it's taken a turn for the creepy. The story features an OSF actor, a "devilishly handsome" writer, drinks at Standing Stone and a walk through Lithia Park.

Here's a short excerpt from part two of the story:

"It was Much Ado About Nothing, the final play of that year's Shakespeare Festival, and tonight was sold out.

"It was hot in the Elizabethan Stage, as always. But the wooden architecture and maze of rooms throughout lent itself so nicely to playing the part that it was, by far, Sara's favorite venue to perform in. And tonight felt as if it might be the culmination of her time with this theater group, as she dressed for her role of Hero.

"Backstage was the usual bustle and chaos of the last 15 minutes before the show would open. The performers busy with dressing themselves, rehearsing lines, applying make-up, or tending to the divas of the theater. The air was heavy with body heat and the sound of lilting voices as everyone warmed up."

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