Enough is enough already

Photos and story

by Hawk Starkey

It was a beautiful morning and I intended to get a few nature and wildlife shots by the lake at a couple of access areas just about a half-mile past the five-mile marker. As I walked toward the shoreline I was confronted by the unsightly mess of picnic trash left over from persons who obviously held no respect for the natural beauty of our lake.

But those persons are not the only ones showing a lack of respect for self and the environment, as there have long been numerous piles of yard trimmings, including pickup loads of sod and construction trash, dumped by the shore, which has been quite visible until lately covered by the growth of tall spring grass.

Inconsiderate and uncaring individuals leaving garbage by the lake after their visit to enjoy the sun and water is disgusting enough, but those who deliberately haul their garbage to these public areas in order to dump it, well, what I'm thinking, as a person who loves to photograph the beauty of nature (and not garbage), really cannot be printed here.

What's next? Closure of such access to these natural resources due to a few individuals who lack respect? Hidden cameras to identify and fine them? I don't have any answers. But I do know that meeting with my photography students among such trash tends to take something away from the nature experience for them &

especially so for the young budding photographers in the group.

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