Ex-Phish bass player rocks again

Mike Gordon doesn't need Phish to be great.

He's proved it again with "The Green Sparrow," another successful solo record that establishes Gordon's post-Phish career as arguably the best, and definitely the most diverse, of his bandmates.

"The Green Sparrow" has the trademark quirky Gordon songs, talking about strange voices in his head and disappearing off the grid. But this album also rocks.

Gordon helps fuel talk of a Phish reunion with guest appearances on two tracks by his former bandmates Trey Anastasio and Page McConnell. They're one Phish drummer short of a reunion on "Traveled Too Far." But that slot is ably filled by former Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann.

Phish fans will have plenty to decipher here. On "Dig Further Down," one of the Anastasio-assisted tracks that really rocks, could Gordon be talking about his guitarist when he sings, "I'm finding the life you live to be unsound"?

Anastasio appears to have turned his life around, recently completing a drug counseling and treatment program after pleading guilty to a felony charge for possessing painkillers without a prescription.

Ever since he got out, he's been dropping hints about bringing the band back together.

But enough about Trey. It's time for Gordon to shine. Let's just hope for his sake enough people see through the Phish fanaticism and appreciate what he's done.

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