Graduation advice

My grandson is graduating from preschool and will even wear a cap and gown. Here's some advice for him to remember as he negotiates kindergarten, grade school and beyond to the coming inevitable lessons.

You have a light, a spark within that is your true identity. Everyone has it. It connects us to God, whether we realize it or not. This light is your Soul/Spirit, your gift from God, and it is why you are the light of the world. It is in everyone — no exceptions. Connect to it every day, for it gives energy in the form of Love. See the light in others. Sometimes if you forget the light, others will inspire you. Knowing this light is "being in spirit." It connects to love and is always merciful and accepting.

You have two types of thoughts that run through your mind. One speaks of kindness and acceptance. The other speaks of fear and judgment. They are exact opposites. You have a powerful mind that can decide which one to follow. One voice speaks of love and will make you happy. The other, the ego, will make you feel alone and separate. Follow the kind voice, even if you think it will not make you popular or rich. It is from the wise spirit within — intuition, an inner feeling or knowing. It knows the peaceful way. Follow its advice.

You can choose peace when things are chaotic around you by saying: "I am spirit, the light of the world. I am Loved." Breathe in and say it over and over. You are pouring calm onto the mind's chaos and remembering your true identity is spirit and not ego. Quietly listen, because truth within has something important to tell you. God is pure love and never condemns.

When you are afraid or think people do not like you or if they bully you, tell them with your thoughts, "You are the light of the world along with me," and smile at them. Make a friend. Invite them over. President Lincoln said, "To defeat an enemy make him your friend." When you reach out they may say "no," but deep down they want to say "yes." The important thing is that you have said "yes" to them and you do not have an enemy. When we help others, we help ourselves as well. See things as either love or a call for love.

Be honest. If you find yourself disliking someone, there is something in yourself you dislike. Ask: "What is it that bothers me?" Maybe you wish you were like them — as smart, rich, talented or had their toys. Your ego thoughts are creating judgment and separation. Don't believe them but look at them and say: "I have everything because I am loved by God and so are they." Bless them for their gifts and know they are loved as you are. This is how to forgive and let go.

When you give, you receive. You can give things away, and they are no longer yours. But when you give love away with your thoughts, it returns because love is in your mind. If you give fear, it also returns because it is in your mind. Which feels the best?

This all sums up to this: Be kind, no matter what comes or may happen. Everyone has problems in life, everyone has fears and worries that they do not talk about. Let kindness for all including yourself guide you in life. You can stand up for yourself, but do so from the love within. Bring the gifts you were given at birth and share them with the world. Exclude no one from your love. Not even a murderer. He/she has suffered and did not know they were loved. Give compassion and have compassion. Give hate and you have hate within.

Congratulations. There may be more advice in the years ahead but for now remember to love yourself, everyone you meet, and have fun.

Sally McKirgan facilitates the Inner Peace column and one of several local A Course In Miracles groups. Send 600 to 700 word articles on inner peace to: Her blog at

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