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Ditch Trail Loop

by Thom Larkin


Three Miles

How to get there

Parking for this hike can be found on Piedmont Drive, from Lithia Park, on Winburn Way, take a right onto Nutley Street and go up the hill. Drive a few blocks to Scenic Drive and take a right. The first turn on the left will be Piedmont Drive. There is a small parking area to the left side of the road.

About This Hike

This hike is another part of the trails that follow the TID (Talent Irrigation Ditch) Trail. From your parking on Piedmont Drive, proceed uphill along the road. You can take the first left onto trails that wind through rock formations or you can continue till you see a small bridge. Cross the bridge and head to the right along the wide trail, which follows the TID. There will be a trail sign to a scenic viewpoint. Follow the narrow trail to the viewpoint and enjoy the views.

There are a few trails at the top of the Ditch Trail that intersect and criss-cross with each other. If you head to the left you will join up with the Granite Street Trail (previously featured) and can continue to Lithia Park. If you go up and over the hill you will come down near the start of the Acid Castles Trails. Or you can continue to the right and follow the TID further towards Talent.

I would recommend this hike for the morning or late afternoon. If you go in the middle of the day it will be very warm and there isn't a lot of shade at the top of the trails. This is a good winter and fall hike, too.

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