Isabella Rossellini talks about her 2-minute films

Isabella Rossellini is into seduction — from cuttle fish to a snake to a bedbug.

The actress has created 10 short films about how various animals seduce each other. "Seduce Me," on view at the Sundance Channel website, is the second such series for Rossellini.

"They are humorous. They are meant to be funny," Rossellini said in an interview from New York. "I like to laugh and I wanted to make comical films."

Rick Gilbert, who produced the films, said they were designed just for the Web and for cell phones.

"We wanted to make them very graphic and colorful. We felt that on-screen that's what works," he said.

She chose paper costumes created by Andy Byers, for the project, commissioned by Robert Redford, because the material was cheap. Initially, she did 18 two-minute films for her first series called "Green Porno," which was about how animals mate.

"My interest in animals has always existed, not specifically on sex, but I knew that most of the people are interested in sex. So, I knew that if I did the series on the different ways of mating, we would get more audience," Rossellini said.

The "Seduce Me" film, about ducks, begins with Rossellini's face being petted and caressed increasingly more violently by male hands.

She says: "Are they seducing me? What am I, a duck?" The screen then shows her dressed as a duck having, what she narrates as "forced copulation," with another duck. The audience then learns the female duck has "vaginal complexity" and controls which mate will fertilize her eggs. Rossellini pretends to be having sex with a paper duck of her choice.

In another film, Rossellini is dressed as a bedbug. She shows how the female bedbug doesn't need genitals to mate. The male punctures the female with his knifelike penis, ejaculates in the wound and the sperm travels to her ovaries. Two weeks later hundreds of eggs hatch.

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