Let it go!

Inner Peace, together they are beautiful words exuding their own intent. A warm glow creates a calming "inner" experience and absence of conflict is "peace." Wouldn't it be wonderful to achieve inner peace by simply uttering that phrase?

There's a lot of talk about inner peace. A whole boom industry has sprung up around it. Inner peace is a matter of self work and is not for the faint of heart. To find that place within of true inner peace, it takes a lot of soul searching and hard work. But it has a grand — and extremely important — payoff!

As human beings we have an innate desire for peace. That's evident from the earliest religions to the most unfortunate method of self-medication with drugs and alcohol. We as a species have searched high and low for that missing piece that will steel us against whatever tries us. My son finds philosophy a good roadmap. For me, it is knowing there is a Wisdom greater than us and three little words that I use all the time (and which my son can repeat on cue) — LET IT GO!

In my visualization, I see two spheres in my soul — one glowing and bright and labeled "Inner Peace." The other is definitely not glowing or bright and has a sad little tattered tag identifying it as "Baggage." Baggage tends to be larger than Peace, more brooding and far more fearful. It creates disruption, anger and sadness. But I have the "LET IT GO" tactic. Instead of holding on to past hurts and insults, perceived and real, toss them out and let them go. The more you let go the more room for the glowing orb of peace.

It seems simple enough. You've probably heard it a hundred times. You might have even heard it called "turning the other cheek." (Whatever happened to that?) People obsess over some of the most mundane things and allow that clump of baggage to grow and grow. Like the guy who cut you off in traffic or the friend who didn't invite you to their party. Other reasons are far more formidable. We all know of abusive relationships that have wreaked havoc and marked lives with their own special brand of poison. Every single one of us has been hurt or hurt someone else, embarrassed a loved one or turned them away because we were too busy. Does holding on to the hurt do any good? Does it make the world a better place? Does it make you a better person? It does no good, no one wins; in fact you have lost. You've lost your inner peace.

Working for Inner Peace is vital to life and should be safeguarded as well as being cared for and nurtured. Kindness in thought and deed works wonders here. But it shouldn't be "grabbing for stars to put in our crowns" as someone I used to know would put it. A good deed done to make ourselves look good to others is worthless. A good deed done to make ourselves feel good inside will make our inner peace grow and glow while the tattered old clump of baggage recedes!

It has taken me a long, long time and it seems like a lifetime of hurts to learn this lesson. In order for me to gain peace I have my "Let It Go" strategy in times of stress. I let go of all those offenses real or imagined and fill up with inner peace. I feel so much better. Here is another little secret: When a catastrophic illness strikes your parent, death takes a sibling at a too-young age or you suffer a job loss in terrible economic times like these, you will need every inch of your inner peace to SURVIVE.

Ashlander, Gianna Mioni, (recently laid off) is busy looking for an employer who wants a great employee who practices inner peace! You can contact her at zuzuspetals70000@yahoo.com

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