Looking back at the big lifestyles trends

It's an annual sport &

making New Year's predictions. So which ones were the winners, and which were the losers in 2007? And what will be the entries for 2008?

A look back and ahead:


2007 prediction: The year of the dress.

2007 reality: It was, indeed the year of the dress &

a voluminous one in the spring and a more fitted one this fall. Stephanie Solomon, Bloomingdale's fashion director, says dresses not only sold well in the dress department but also in sportswear, where skirts and pants are more typical best-sellers.

2008 prediction: Solomon still believes in dresses, especially those in bright colors, bold prints or the "patio-style" dress that is long, flowing and reminiscent of the 1970s, but she thinks the big headline will be full skirts.


2007 prediction: Demand for Sony's PS3 will continue to surge, and toys that interact with the Internet, inspired by the hugely popular Ganz's Webkinz, will be all the rage.

2007 reality: Nintendo's Wii took thunder away from PS3 as the most sought-after holiday 2007 gift. Who knew that demand for the Wii continues to outstrip supply? A plethora of Internet-related toys, from BarbieGirls.com to Shining Stars, catch children's attention, but the rock star trend, led by all things Hannah Montana, is even hotter, with sales surging in electric guitars, music videogames like Guitar Hero 3, and other role-playing items.

2008 prediction: All hail the rock star, as appetite for those sorts of games will continue to grow.


2007 prediction: Time-efficient workouts for those with tight schedules.

2007 reality: True. Fitness professionals responded to the growing number of Americans who want a good workout in a short amount of time. Curves, which offers a 30-minute workout, now has over 10,000 locations worldwide. More personal trainers offered 30-minute sessions this year. Fitness DVD workouts included several short, intense workouts. There was also a surge in the grueling fitness boot camp classes and fusion classes, which combine several workouts into one.

2008 prediction: More fitness boot camp classes. "You can get a good workout in a short amount of time," says fitness guru Denise Austin. Also, more fusion classes, combining cardio, toning and stretching.

And more people are looking to cut even more time, purchasing DVDs and creating home gyms, says Leslie Sansone, fitness consultant for NutriSystem Advanced. "It doesn't always fit that we can go to the health club and go to the classes," she says.


2007 prediction: The natural foods industry will grow, as will the harder-to-define local foods movement.

2007 reality: They appear to keep growing. In 2006 (the latest year for which data are available), organic food sales totaled nearly $17 billion, or about — percent of all sales. That's up from less than 2 percent in 2003.

2008 prediction: The local foods movement is now all but hardwired into the restaurant scene, and signs pimping local products are showing up even at mainstream grocery chains. Look for these trends to be redefined by major corporations unwilling to cede market share to small-time players.

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