Move past the level of the problem

In freezing sleet, we all ran through the narrow walled alleys. We wanted out, but how? We dashed barefoot across hot coals, slogged deep in rocky mud, fell into pits. We desperately warded off the rats and scorpions, and in our starvation, ate their corpses. We backtracked bitterly after journeys to dead ends, and sometimes reached crossroads that looked all too familiar.

Finally, one day, leaning exhaustedly on the wall, my friend called quietly, "Listen, climb up on my shoulders to the top." Standing atop, I saw that we were lost in a maze. We all pulled each other up on the ledge, and stepping from wall-top to wall-top, walked neatly out of the maze, to houses waiting in a lush green forest.

We cannot solve a problem on the level of the problem.

Decades ago, a woman stole thousands of dollars that were intended for our dear friend. He could have fought. Instead it was his necessity to know God aright, to seek the truth behind this picture. So first he gave that money to her as truly a gift from his heart, desiring no outer return. Through prayer, he eventually recognized the divinity hidden in this Other person, just as it's hidden in ourselves. This took divine forgiveness, a forgiveness unto Love. And too, he realized in his bones that I am already complete, nothing can be added to me, nothing can be taken away. After a year, another fortune in the same amount flowed to him out of the blue. Later still, this troubled woman came to him seeking spiritual help.

Problems are false fronts, teasers. Their secret mission is to help us take things to another level. They're homework problems given to all us star pupils to figure out, each lesson teaching specific spiritual principles. They may ask, "What can we do about that nasty woman," who is really unearthing a judgment we make against ourselves.

Taking it to another level, we learn something about self-forgiveness. Growth in life is on a continuum. We're the angels climbing Jacob's ladder. We rise a bit higher, taking each new rung.

When none of the approaches we've used before is making a dent with a difficulty, this is daunting, yet we've been prepared to travel still further. Impossible, yet possible. Having rummaged several times through all the means we've gathered on the usual plane, our very desperation can deliver us to the spiritual level of awareness. It's so scary to lay down our human arms, to actually depend on the Infinite Invisible in the crunch, but then we find that we're not alone, we're held in Everlasting Arms. As with our friend, it takes persistence, practice, taking the problem that offers itself into many daily meditations to learn the principles of Truth involved, finding the right outer actions to take.

Spiritual awareness is grounded in actual experience of the Divine Presence, in meditative communion. It's like feeling someone there behind us, being completely relieved and assured, or falling in love. Understanding the specific spiritual principles we've found, surrounding this meditative state, helps to sew this contact into the fabric of our days. We're liable to meet a mountain of problems threatening to bury us alive. By Grace, we can discount our own rancor and turn stumbling blocks into steps, as we transcend the worn-out vision of a physical world and come to sense this spiritual universe. Beloved, be assured, as we excavate a firm rock, we can climb it and arise from the maze, onto a higher level, and unveil solutions, absolution, solace. Peace, love and joy.

Moshe's book, "Really Being With You," is available at Bloomsbury, Soundpeace, and libraries. His radio program is on KSKQ, 94.9 FM, Saturdays at 9:30 a.m.

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