Much ado about OSF: More reviews

Editor's note: This article is from the blog Writing About Writing.

Even if people don't like a play, it seems they like to write about it. Oregon Shakespeare Festival visitors are still weighing in on the shows — on their blogs.

Here's a sample passage from the Fashion Piranha on the costumes in "Macbeth" (paragraph breaks added):

"Costumes are always the first thing I notice about a play. I guess I just can't help it; I studied fashion design for two years and my interest in clothes has never lessened. Director Gale Edwards and costume designer Murell Horton made some interesting choices for 2009's "Macbeth" when they dressed their characters in a hodge-podge of military uniforms.

"At the beginning, Macbeth, Banquo, Duncan and Malcolm are all wearing crisp, fitted Naziesque jackets and pants. The soldiers look sharp and in control, and Duncan looks like a movie-perfect military leader.

"But as the play continues, the military dress shuffles through various eras and ultimately ends up resembling the loose camouflage rags favored by guerrilla warriors.

"The jumbled clothes made it impossible to date the production to a specific time period, and this drove some of the people in my travel group nuts. But to me it made sense."

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