Nudist in Ashland draws gripes

A man in his 70s who has been walking around naked in Ashland for about three weeks has disturbed some residents but is not breaking any laws, police said.

Ashland Police Chief Terry Holderness declined to release the man's name, because he is not violating any laws, but did say that the man told police he is visiting Ashland from the Bay Area.

"To the best of our knowledge he's never violated any public indecency laws," Holderness said Monday.

Oregon does not have any laws restricting nudity, but the city requires people to cover their genitals in the downtown area, he said.

Since mid-May, police have received several calls each week about the man from concerned locals, Holderness added.

On Friday afternoon Pamela Osa, a crossing guard for Ashland School District, asked a friend to call the police after the man appeared at the intersection of Siskiyou Boulevard and Walker Avenue as elementary school children were walking home from school.

A young girl about to cross the street burst into tears after seeing the man, Osa said.

"This little girl is going to be scarred for life," she said, adding that the girl's mother and grandmother were also upset about what the girl witnessed.

"I don't care about nudity," Osa said. "But when you're dealing with kids, I care."

The incident reminded both Osa and Holderness of the arrival last summer of "the naked lady," Jennifer Moss, they said. Moss, who goes by Gen, paraded around downtown wearing only a hemp G-string — and less elsewhere in the city.

Because Ashland appears to attract nudists, parents who think their children could be upset if they see one should discuss the matter with their kids, Holderness said.

"People need to educate their children," he said. "We ran into exactly the same thing last year.

"If you think your child is likely to be offended or have issue with seeing a naked person, then maybe you should walk your child home from school or have a discussion with your child," Holderness said.

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