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Man fumes over casino ejection


Yes, Michael Wax stank. He's the first to admit it.

The 440-pound New York City man said he was playing poker in an Atlantic City casino for 17 hours Tuesday and didn't have time to clean up. He understands why grossed-out gamblers complained about his body odor, but said he didn't deserve stinky treatment from the casino that asked him to leave.

Dave Coskey, a spokesman for the Borgata Hotel Casino Spa, said it is company policy not to comment on matters involving customers.

Wax said he told casino officials: "There's no question I stink. I'm not denying it. I do have an odor. I've been playing for 17 hours."

The 54-year-old limousine company owner, who says he is a frequent gambler at the Borgata, said a poker room manager followed him into the restroom and informed him that patrons at his table were complaining about his body odor.

When the Brooklyn man tried to retake his seat at the table, he said a manager told him to leave. He said he asked for a free room to freshen up, and the casino refused.

He promptly filed a complaint about his treatment with the Casino Control Commission. His complaint will be reviewed to determine whether any state gambling laws or regulations were violated, a commission spokesman said Wednesday.

Wax said his instincts tell him to find a different casino to patronize, but he likes gambling at the Borgata. He said the casino was out of line to tell him he stinks in front of other patrons.

"I would like an apology," Wax said.

Bar bouncer turns away governor

OLYMPIA, Wash. &

Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire (GREG'-wahr) is taking it as a compliment: She was turned away from a bar in the state capital because she couldn't prove she's of legal age to drink.

The 61-year-old governor and her staff had served burgers at the annual Capital Lakefair last weekend and afterward went to a downtown Olympia bar called Hannah's to celebrate.

Gregoire says the man checking identifications at the door told her she couldn't get in without ID, even when others pointed out she's Washington's governor. So she went home, but her husband, Mike, went in.

The governor tells Seattle's KING-TV she feels complimented the bouncer thought she might be under 21.

Hannah's owner, Todd Ruzicka, says his 23-year-old part-time bouncer needs more training.

Doorman who won $5M, said he'd stay at job gets ax


New York City doorman Richie Randazzo had said he wouldn't quit his day job after winning a $5 million lottery, and he didn't. He got fired.

A spokesman for the union representing apartment building workers says Randazzo notified the union's grievance center on Tuesday that he had been shown the door.

The exclusive Park Avenue apartment building where Randazzo worked is run by building management company Brown Harris Stevens. The company did not immediately return a call.

Randazzo made $40,000 a year as a doorman. He began taking in another $65,000 every three months after hitting the jackpot May 2.

Randozzo's father says his son got a letter that did not specify the reason for his discharge. He declined to give his name and said his son was not home.

— The Associated Press

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