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Bikers bare all for eco demonstration


Fewer clothes and lots of skin have made a political point in a public park in St. Louis.

Hundreds of mostly nude bicyclists joined curious spectators in the city's Tower Grove Park on Saturday night for a 10-mile "World Naked Bike Ride."

The ride has been staged in 70 cities worldwide since 2004 as a way to protest society's dependence on oil.

St. Louis police were on hand to ensure the riders wore the bare minimum, which included thongs, pasties, loin cloths, bathing suits and even body painting.

However, officers didn't seem to notice one rider wearing nothing but a pink derby hat.

Man thought dead in 1976 found alive


A man believed to have died in a Colorado flood in 1976 has been found living in Oklahoma.

Sixty-three-year-old Darrell Johnson told the Fort Collins Coloradoan for a story Friday that he didn't know he had been counted among the 144 victims of the Big Thompson Canyon flood until a resident called him last year.

Barb Anderson said residents didn't want his name on a memorial plaque without proof he was dead.

Johnson and his family had decided to leave their shabby cabin the morning of the flood after just one night. A few hours later, the resort was washed away.

How Johnson ended up on the victims list remains a mystery.

He now directs funerals in Oklahoma City and acknowledges he was lucky to get the bad cabin.

"" The Associated Press

Dirt dumped when nature calls driver


Authorities say a truck driver who spilled tons of dirt along a Seattle highway and backed up traffic for hours just really had to go to the bathroom.

Police say the driver was trying to ease the rig to the side of U.S. Highway 2 on Friday morning. The wheels of the truck slipped down an embankment and dumped its contents &

49 tons of river sediment.

State Trooper Keith A. Leary says the driver apparently was unfamiliar with the area. Filling stations and other businesses with restrooms were a few miles away.

The 27-year-old was cited for driving with wheels off the road. Leary says the trucking company will be billed for the cleanup.

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