OSF audience reviews, NYT feature on Bill Rauch

Editor's note: This article is from the dailytidings.com blog Writing About Writing.

Maybe seeing Shakespeare inspires people to write.

After attending the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, lots of people go home and blog about the plays they saw, offering their own critiques and appraisals.

I've collected many of these blog reviews and have listed several below. I'll post more links to reviews soon.

Also, the New York Times recently ran a feature on OSF Artistic Director Bill Rauch, basically calling him the Barack Obama of theatre. The writer, Kate Taylor, applauds Rauch for embracing multiculturalism at the festival.

I think it's interesting to read about how other people perceive Ashland. Here's how Taylor describes fans of the festival:

"The audience, mostly from Oregon, California and Washington State, exhibits a level of devotion and nerdiness more typically found among sports fans. The majority have been attending the festival for 15 years or more. Having an encyclopedic memory of past productions, down to the names of actors who played minor roles, is a point of pride among the regulars, as is saying that you have 'completed the canon': seen all 37 (or 38, depending on how you count them) Shakespeare plays."

For links to OSF audience reviews, see the rest of this blog entry at dailytidings.com/writingaboutwriting.

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