Our Mother, the divine material

The spiritual is really material, and the material is spiritual.

One may think this world is merely "material," but the very word can be traced to the Latin "mater," which means "mother."

When we see through our fear that the world is only physical, cold and uncommunicative, we meet this reality: God is straightforward and unadvertised, and we frequently don't appreciate it; and Earth is a maternal/material metaphor for God, unnoticeably immense.

Right now, it's mothering us, holding us safe, succoring us, watching over us, loving us, compassionate, one with us. Just as we lived within our mother in the womb, now we live within our mother the universe.

God itself is our substance, an ever-present "material" which is likewise divine consciousness and holy love. Anything that exists is this divine material. The words or pictures in our thoughts are formed of the substance within us. And beneath all appearances of disease, accidents and attacks, God as our body is really perfect and inviolate.

The spiritual sky Father and material Earth Mother are one. Mary Baker Eddy would say, "Father-Mother God." The ancient Hebrew word "av" is translated "father" in the Bible, but also means "parent." Mother yin and father yang comprise the Tao.

When we absorb both aspects of God, we more fully let in its all-loving, all-forgiving quality, and it lifts us up into our sacred identity, clearing out our karmic burdens, helping us reconcile with ourselves and others.

From God the loving parent, every sort of relationship flows. "All God's children" become brothers and sisters, neighbors, colleagues, distant cousins, strangers and sometimes enemies. But when we're faced with enemies, we can confidently work back to being brothers, for all these multitudinous relationships are really sacred, evolving into ever-unfolding joy, ever-expanding love.

God's grace is unconditional love, and this grace is my sufficiency in all things, the milk of life. Only love is real. In God's presence is great peace and fullness of joy. God loves all its children, with an everlasting love. God homeschools us. God is the mother ready to gather us in her arms, at the playground, where we run around and sometimes hit our heads. God's love frees us from paralyzing fear, to learn and evolve.

God, the substance inhabiting all forms, feels nonattached to them, caring, not clinging. We feel this sense of separation from God and from each other. The underlying faithfulness of substance, like being ensconced in the womb, though still in place, loses its meaning for us, and the steadfastness seems to change to dire inescapable circumstance, unbreakable chains. Then "this world" seems a desert where we are orphans, alone and vulnerable, who never even had any loving parent.

Yet our loving parent stays totally sure that this world will become consciously aware of its far-flung mission: to lose the awareness of oneness, only to grow up into holy individuality, into greater and greater love, to reconcile all things unto love. In our sufferings, in these birth pangs, God commiserates with us. Beloved, let's turn, and in a second feel this presence.

Beneath our heartsick mother, our longing, love-lost mother, beneath all of them, the healing mother dreams. The pure love within me pours out to surround me, embrace me. I am home. We are already home.

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