Pink Martini's new CD does not say 'Hey' to city of Eugene, Oregon


Pink Martini says "Hey Eugene!" in its new album and doesn't mean Oregon's third-largest city. But that nobody in Eugene should take it personally.

The title track of the Portland group's third album is aimed at a Eugene who jilted lead singer China Forbes more than 10 years ago, said Pink Martini spokesman Peter Murray.

"Eugene was a guy she met at a party in New York City and hit it off with really well," Murray said. "The sparks flew, and he asked for her number, but he never called."

The song is to be the first single from the album by the 12-member "mini orchestra." The chorus goes: "I said hello (hello), Eugene (Eugene), Eugene (Eugene), Eugene (oh yeah)."

Pink Martini harbors no hard feelings toward the town Eugene based on name association, either.

Since forming in 1994, the band has made regular stops at the Cuthbert Amphitheatre, the Hult Center and the McDonald Theatre, where "Hey Eugene!" has been a crowd favorite for years.

Murray said a tour stop in Eugene is possible in late summer or early fall.

William Kennedy, manager at the local record store CD World said "Hey Eugene" was selling well after its release Tuesday, perhaps spurred by the title.

"I still sort of suspect that there may be a little nod to the town," he said. "I'm sure we must be second to Portland in terms of sales."

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