Police reports April 16

Wednesday 11:54 a.m. — Police arrested a man for reckless driving after he sped and crashed into a sign in the Market of Choice parking lot.

Wednesday 1:13 p.m. — Two illegal aliens used a known social security number in an attempt to open a credit account at Les Schwab Tire Center on Ashland Street. A 28-year-old man who used a different number to gain employment was lodged at Jackson County Jail, and his 23-year-old wife was cited and released.

Wednesday 2:33 p.m. — SOU security found a man reported missing in Anaheim, Calif., after they received a report of a trespasser in the Hannon Library. He was transported to the Ashland Police Department, where he was put in contact with St. Vincent de Paul for a bus ticket and lodging.

Wednesday 8:35 p.m. — Police cited and released a 72-year-old woman for improper use of 911 after she dialed 911 to complain about a non-emergency civil issue while police officers were standing next to her on Taylor Street.

Wednesday 11:24 p.m. — Police cited a 19-year-old man for minor in possession of alcohol and giving a false name and date of birth to police on Wightman Street.

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