Police reports May 25

Friday 6:47 a.m. — Police cited and released a 33-year-old man for sleeping in Lithia Park during prohibited hours.

Friday 8:00 a.m. — Police received a report of an injured deer on Ray Lane.

Friday 4:12 p.m. — Police cited and released a 25-year-old man for disorderly conduct and interfering with a peace officer after he disturbed a local business by playing loud music outside his door and refused orders to stop on North Main Street.

Friday 6:31 p.m. — Police arrested a 54-year-old man on Siskiyou Boulevard on counts of theft in the second and third degree, as well as an outstanding warrant for theft.

Friday 8:17 p.m. — A man was reported missing to the Ashland Police Department on Lupine Drive. The case is currently under investigation.

Saturday 12:28 a.m. — Police confiscated a man's suspended driver's license while contacting him for being in Lithia Park after hours.

Saturday 1:40 a.m. — Police arrested a 56-year-old man for driving under the influence on intoxicants after he was caught riding his motorcycle at 56 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone on Highway 66 near Crowson Road. The man consented to field sobriety tests and showed impairment, and was transported to Ashland Police Department where his breath test was found to be over the legal limit and was cited and released to a sober adult.

Saturday 7:48 a.m. — Police received a report from the Department of Human Services of possible abuse in the Ashland area. The case was closed at the screening level.

Saturday 10:22 p.m. — A juvenile was reported as a runaway on Oak Meadows Place. The juvenile later returned home on Sunday at 9:49 p.m.

Saturday 11:10 p.m. — Police cited and released a 22-year-old man for unnecessary noise on Lincoln Street.

Sunday 12:20 a.m. — Police arrested a 19-year-old man for interfering with a peace officer and was cited for minor in possession of alcohol. An 18-year-old woman was also arrested for interfering with a peace officer, trespassing and was cited for minor in possession of alcohol on Clark Avenue.

Sunday 12:48 a.m. — Police witnessed a 31-year-old man break the window of Cripple Creek Music on 353 East Main Street. After police ordered the man to stop, the man attempted to flee on foot. He was lodged at Jackson County Jail on charges of criminal mischief and interfering with a peace officer.

Sunday 1:06 p.m. — Police responded to a complaint of constant barking dogs on Patterson Street, and observed the dogs barking in a 55-year-old woman's yard for approximately 20 minutes while an officer spoke with a neighbor. The woman was cited for dog noise.

Sunday 6:51 p.m. — Police responded to a report of a shoplifter fleeing store management at Safeway. The suspect eluded store staff, and there are currently no further leads or suspect information.

Sunday 7:27 p.m. — A man reported the theft of his bicycle outside of the Northwest Nature Shop on Oak Street.

Monday 1:15 a.m. — A juvenile was issued a citation for minor in possession of alcohol on Siskiyou Boulevard and Sherman Street.

Monday 9:10 a.m. — A male juvenile was referred to Jackson County Juvenile Detention after he was caught trespassing and found in possession of less than an ounce of marijuana on Water Street.

Monday 4:41 p.m. — Police found a bicycle in the lobby at the Ashland Police Station. The bike was described as a red Vortex 7-speed mountain bike. No owner was found, and the bike was placed in police lost and found.

Monday 4:34 p.m. — A man reported his vehicle missing on Wimer Street after he loaned it to an unknown suspect. The case is under investigation.

Monday 9:20 p.m. — Police transported an intoxicated man on Maple Street to detox.

Tuesday 1:53 a.m. — Police assisted Phoenix Police Department with an investigation.

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