Quarterly wine quiz

It's time for our quarterly wine quiz! I bet you thought you could slide this month, but no way! This quiz, much like the quizzes in the past, is taken from what's been written in these articles from time to time. So, if you have been paying attention, the chance is that you will do a superb job. Okay, here we go (please do your own work).

1. If you are offered a glass of white Burgundy, what grape will be in the glass?

a. Pinot Gris

b. Semillon

c. Chardonnay

d. Syrah

2. What gives us the thirst-quenching quality of wine?

a. Water

b. Sugars

c. Acids

d. Oak

3. You are asked to describe Muscadet wine. What can you tell us?

a. It is a red wine from California

b. It is, for the most part, a rosé wine from France

c. It is a dry white wine from France and great with seafood

d. It is a sugary white wine known for its cheap price

5. John Wren is?

a. A winemaker of some repute in Washington state.

b. A wine writer specializing in wines of Argentina

c. A wine distributor salesperson with a fine palate and overall cool guy

d. Simply a cool guy

6. If you were to drink fine Port, where will it be from?

a. Death Valley, from old vines

b. Spain

c. For the most part, Portugal, although there are other fine "Port style" wines made elsewhere

d. Modesto, Calif.

7. When a wine is described as "really dry" what does that mean?

a. Less than "really wet"

b. Astringent and bitter

c. No residual sugar

d. Great with all desserts

8. Wine snobs (snobus vinum) can be detected by

a. A certain smell of gypsum and thyme

b. Meaningful and thoughtful conversation

c. An outrageous sense of having to be noticed by spilling inane and silly wine chatter (Ugh!)

d. A sense of balance with wine facts and being a great listener

9. Italy is known for the "Three Bs" in vino. What are they?

a. Bologna, Bizzaro and Bluto

b. Baccarato, Biella and Belcastro

c. Barolo, Barbaresco and Brunello

d. Bello, Bella, Belli

10. You are in Austin, Texas, and run into which fine Italian restaurant?

a. IL Austino

b. Sta Sera

c. Vespaio

d. Da Vinci

e. Who cares?

11. What does wood do to wine?

a. Makes the wine much drier

b. Can impart a sense of vegetal aromas and tastes

c. Imparts vanilla flavors (among others), can extend the life of wine and releases tannins

d. Makes the wine have that pepper quality which all red wines have

12. What is a claret?

a. It is a red wine made exclusively from Merlot grapes

b. It is a wine with profound thirst quenching qualities

c. It can be either a wine from Bordeaux, France or an American red blended wine

d. Usually very, very expensive

13. If you lived in the Veneto, Italy, which wine would you drink?

a. Barolo

b. Brunello

c. Valpolicella

d. Primativo

14. What is Asti Spumante?

a. Made only as Ballatore

b. Very high alcohol sparkling white wine from Italy served at weddings

c. Low alcohol, sweet white sparkling wine from Asti, Italy

d. Originates from California and transported in the 1940s to Italy

15. What was a great year for Oregon Pinot Noir?

a. 1982

b. 1979 and 1980

c. 2006

d. 2007

16. Ch. Latour is made in?

a. Burgundy, France

b. The Loire Valley, France

c. Bordeaux, France

d. Normandy, France

e. White City

Well, there they are. If you penciled "C" on every answer you received an "A". See you next week!

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