Silent sermon

A great philosopher was fast-strolling on a very secluded, silent and remote beach. Since long he was striving and struggling to stop inner chatterbox to have a taste or glimpse of peace or inner silence and just to realize the ultimate aim and actual reality of his ever-busy life, since he can remember even before he became a renowned, famous and savvy scholar around.

He was frantically dream-walking on this picturesque, silent, serene beach in search of some unexpected divine help to have an answer to his many unanswered constipated questions. Today he was lucky to spot a scantily clothed unknown sentient-being, but was a Sufi saint, who was lying on the seashore fully covered with sand and enjoying sunbath.

Without any courtesy, commonsense, greetings or introduction he asked to this nearly naked man, "Can you answer my compelling evergreen question, which is a pain in my aching body part and has become a real inner turmoil even more ever since I have become very famous and successful speaker of pure philosophy all around the world, but without the experience of inner silence or peace really?"

Saint suddenly came out of his peaceful trance and sits up and smiles lovingly at unexpected intruder and calmly says, "My beloved friend, first and foremost, please don't remain standing and obstructing sun rays, and have a cool seat and just relax with few deep breaths and then have something to eat, as we are lucky today to have some peanuts with us."

The man demanded the answer to his repeated question with higher tone and with unbreakable speed again.

Saint said, "My dear friend, I surely did answer your question existentially to the best of my abilities, but it seems that your marvelous machine is not attuned to that frequency and it seems we speak definitely different language, so this frustration is seen bubbling all around you."

Philosopher was more puzzled and chili-hot in anger said, "Do you think, I am stupid, dimwit or fool not to hear or understand your words and I saw that you have not opened your mouth even?"

Saint smiled sweetly again and said, "Real existential answer is from one's whole being in silence and most of the time non-verbal and I do understand your perennial problem of being oblivious to sermons or speech of silence, but I am really helpless also not to corrupt "IT" by my unnecessary utterance."

Philosopher impatiently pronounced, "Can you make it more understandable and make it as simple as possible without any gimmick or mystery?"

Saint serenely said, "I will try my best not to make it more difficult to you without making it more impure and unauthentic."

He wrote with his finger in the sand, "Meditation."

Unsatisfied, ignorant mind asked, "Can you make it more personal, palatable and simple than this?"

Saint said with compassion, "I may fail again, but for sure I will keep trying to bring home the experiential answer to the best of my abilities, which is permitted by Nature."

And he wrote in big letters, "MEDITATION."

Philosopher was fuming from the top of his head, "By writing the same word, you are even making it worse for me to catch it. Why can't you be bit more considerate and simplify it to grasp it easily with my common sense? Or I go to someone, who knows the job well to answer this easy enquiry!"

Saint's lion-roaring laughter merged with the waves of nearby ocean and said. "My friend you are free to go elsewhere to quench the thirst of your marathon-mind. But let me try my last best hopeful magic." He wrote in huge letters, "M E D I T A T I O N."

After a silent sufficient pause, he added this, seeing his friend trembling with rage, "Life is neither a logic nor philosophy, but living in the given moment joyfully with utmost celebration and thankfulness in the heart in every action or non-action to the whole existence unconditionally. That is the sure way to float — no need to swim even — in the ocean of Peace all around you, which is outer/inner/both/neither, as this experience is out of the prison/jungle of words!"

Dr. Gokul Gokani aka Baba Krishna has lived in Ashland since 1999. e-mail:

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