Temples of peace

Come with me on a journey to an inner world. Imagine, if you will, a circle of six beautiful temples, with a seventh in the center. It is the dawning of a new day with an all-pervading presence of peace in the air .

We enter the first temple, the Temple of Sacred Space. Closing our eyes, we sense deeply into our body, and we open to a sense of vast spaciousness beyond the apparent limitations of the body. We surrender into this all-pervading spacious presence. All the world is held, and arising within, this space. We feel at peace.

We take this with us and enter the second temple, the Temple of Sacred Time. In this temple, we attune to our breathing, from moment to moment, always in the Now. All past and future drop away, and this abiding now, eternal now, is what is simply obvious. Nothing else is happening. We surrender into it and feel at peace.

We take this with us and enter the third temple, the Temple of Sacred Life. As we deeply sense and breathe, we enter an all-pervading energy field in which all space and time come alive as one life. We live in it, we are immersed in it, we are lived by it. We surrender into it, and we feel at peace.

We take this with us and enter the fourth temple, the Temple of Sacred Love. We feel deeply into our hearts, as they expand into a vast space of love. We can recognize that the deepest feeling, holding all our fear, hurt, anger, and grief, is this unchanging, all-pervading love. We release all else as we surrender into that love. We are filled with gratitude and feel at peace.

We take this with us and enter the fifth temple, the Temple of Sacred Mind. We relax our attention at the center of our head, as if we were looking and listening in all directions. The mind relaxes and empties of all its apparent knowings and opens into all-pervading Mind. We feel at peace.

We take this with us and enter the sixth temple, the Temple of Sacred Self. We drop into our hearts as the seat of our deepest sense of who we are. All identities drop away that we built our lives and realities around, and we merge into the unchanging, timeless I AM. There is only That, and all arises within That and as That. We feel filled with peace. We are peace.

We take this with us into the seventh temple in the center, the Temple of (the) Sacred One. We open to the totality of our present experience, all as one space, one now, one life, etc. We open to all of these as one presence, and we are That. We feel at peace. We are peace. All is peace.

Thank you for accompanying me on this journey. As you return to the "real world" of your life circumstances, you might recognize that the journey continues into this moment, here and now. Here and now is your Sacred Temple. You are always already in its presence. Recognizing this, you can effortlessly open into it. Sense it, breathe it, feel it, know it, be it, live it. Welcome to your sacred world. Be at peace.

This journey is a sacred journey of initiation into the mystery of this moment. We usually take it for granted because we think we already know what it is. As we become truly present, we enter into this mystery and recognize that we do not know, and have never known, what space is, what time is, what life is, what love is, what mind is, what self is, what oneness (the whole thing altogether) is. We let go of all that we thought we knew about them, and we enter this moment humbly, empty, open, willing to receive, willing for it to reveal itself. We rest in the peace of a sacred world that always already is. It is the open secret, the open invitation.

Ed Hirsch teaches a free weekly class in The Practice of Presence, at Omega Center, Ashland. Contact him at presenceofone@yahoo.com.

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