The bulletin boards of summer

Smell the warm air. It's summer. People are out and about. Legs covered all winter are in full bloom, most pale and pasty. It was a long winter. Light breezes are redolent of recently cut grass, flowers are ubiquitous, Lithia Park a riot of greens and yellows. The days are long and languid.

It's also a time when people are out and about, some restless to travel, visit different environs, and deciding to jettison excess baggage before leaving. Others have gear and services to sell. Many will post notices accordingly on the bulletin boards so familiar in Ashland. Here are just a few summer samples:

Join Nik C. Colyer, author of the "Channeling Biker Bob" series, for a reading where he will "rumble into your neighborhood and tip-toes through the highly misunderstood realms of manhood, marriage, and motorcycles." Colyer will also read "a few of his tough guy poems and an action-packed passage from his newest novel."

One flyer insists that something is happening in the Ashland sky, meaning the jet trails we see are "not your typical jet trails. These don't dissipate but turn into artificial cloud cover that contain chemicals and are hazardous to your health." There's a Web site to learn more.

One post-it invites you to meet Bob Holtel, author of "Soul, Sweat Survival on the Pacific Coast Trail." There's a picture of Bob in running shorts and sweat shirt. Are we there yet?

A familiar "19 foot tipi" (sic) is still for sale, made of 13-ounce waterproof cotton duck material. Tacked close by is an announcement about a coming film: "Armageddon is Not What It Used to Be." True, but then the quality of so many things is slipping.

Someone is in the hunt for a "Solar Distributor."

Someone else has a "Shovelhead" Harley Davidson for sale. 8k. Sounds like a motorcycle with a small snowplow attached to the front. Maybe not.

If you want to activate your "Crystalline Matrix" you are invited to check out a Crystalline Light Bath.

Already thinking about fall? "Split to be Lit" will deliver summer firewood at summer prices.

And if you're a bit out of sorts, Reiki Healing will rebalance your life and help you get your spark back. Bring your own kindling.

Feeling metaphysical, thinking about connecting with your angels? Know that "you are not alone and can find out how many angels are on your team."

"Living statues wanted," meaning "Long pose art models." Every breath you take, every move you make ...

Want to adopt a dog or cat? There's a posted list with photos on the Bloomsbury Book store bulletin board.

If you're a woman who writes, there's a Women's Weekly Creative Writing Group looking for members.

And it's nice to read that there is a community potluck at 4 p.m. every Sunday in Lithia Park at the gazebo, bring a prepared dish, everyone is welcome.

Have a dirty dog? Check out Dirty Dogs Welcome Here. That was next to a wanted poster with a photo of a sad-looking pooch, apparently on the lam, the owners looking for him. Answers to Dexter.

Grandmothers will be honored "at a day of ritual for women," intended for those interested in deepening their connection with women. Husbands are asked to spend the afternoon looking for Dexter.

And so our summer pokes along as we all wait patiently for those white, pasty stems to get a bit of color. And not to forget the Fourth of July parade, soon followed by the early dog days of August and newspaper ads for back-to-school gear. All too soon.

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