The 'O' Zone

My assignment was straight forward until the final minutes of the game when it was obvious that Ashland's luck had run out. I quickly switched from my telephoto lens to a wide angle, anticipating that award-winning reaction shot. You know, the one where a senior player reacts because the greatest season of his life is over just a bit too early. For a second, I was frozen because the players were all lining up ready to thank the Ashland fans who traveled to Hillsboro. There was not a hint of sorrow or despair.

Then it hit me. It is just football and it was more about losing their coach than losing the game.

You've read the headlines and seen the photos. Ashland's football season is over after the loss to Glencoe 28-14.

Off the field the Grizzles are still winners because Coach David Kitchell was part of their lives as they were part of his.

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