Ticketed teacher takes aim at officer's mom

DEAR ABBY: My son is a police officer in the same town where I work (population 6,000). Over the last five years, I have been confronted by co-workers who have been cited by him. I have tried many responses, but the hits keep coming.

I have told them that when he does his job, it has nothing to do with me. I have tried reminding them that he has a boss they can file a complaint with. I have tried joking, and I have gotten upset.

Last week, things got worse. My supervisor was pulled over by another officer from the same department. She was cited for multiple infractions and her vehicle was towed. She proceeded to call me at home and tell me to deliver a message to my son that all the officers in that department are "@

!*@!" Of all people, she knows how hard it has been for me. Abby, I was shocked.

I have to work with this woman in the same classroom every day. (Yes, she's a teacher.) Please tell me how to handle this.


DEAR TRAPPED: If she's treating you differently in the classroom, you will have to have a talk with her about it because it could affect your career. And I am sure she'd prefer that you not be forced to take this matter to the principal of the school.

Your supervisor's car may have been towed because she was so smashed she couldn't make it safely home. When people have overindulged, they often become overly emotional and show poor judgment &

which is the condition the woman appears to have been in when she called you. It is entirely possible that she no longer remembers anything about that conversation.

It appears your son and his cohorts are doing their job conscientiously and effectively. Please don't allow those they have ticketed to intimidate you. They have no one to blame but themselves for their predicament.

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