Weather figures in Ashland affected by microclimates

Because Ashland has several microclimates, temperature readings can vary depending on the location of the thermometers, two local weather experts said.

"You go three miles and the weather's completely different," said Doyle Hirsch, an Ashland resident who provides the Daily Tidings' weather data. "One side of Ashland's temperature is completely different than the other side."

On Wednesday, for example, Hircsh recorded a high of 88 degrees using equipment mounted outside his house on Clay Street.

The National Weather Service recorded a high of 93 degrees using its thermometer located at the city's Wastewater Treatment Plant on Oak Street.

While both Hirsch and Chuck Glaser, a data acquisition program manager with the National Weather Service's Medford Office, agreed that the gap between the two numbers seemed a bit strange, they each believe their thermometers gave accurate readings.

The fact that the two thermometers are on opposite ends of town might account for some of the variation, Glaser said this morning.

"It might make a little difference," he said "It depends how the equipment is set up or where."

Hirsch was diplomatic about the differing sets of data.

"Opinions vary on what the real high temperatures are in Ashland," he said.

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