What are we searching?

What are we searching in Life? Have we lost it? When? Where? Are we sure, we are searching at the right place, where we lost it?

Everyone's search is for happiness, peace, love, joy, celebration, and life — eternal, if possible.

Mind mixes up the above to control and sends wrong signal to collect more material things, fame, name, power and prestige/ego.

So we run the marathon of materialism unconsciously, as we see millions running in this rat-race all around us. We want to be top winner-rat.

We may succeed in this or even become president or prime-minister of a country, but the feeling of inner turmoil continues or increases geometrically and so happiness and peace keeps safe distance even more.

Why so? If we become aware or intelligent, then we take stock of our deeds so far. Life is compassionate enough to show us the missed tract and softly whispers us to return home, but ego evades the cue of inborn divine guidance/intelligence and again we miss the train to truth.

To bring home the message, let us go through this real life-story of a saintly wise-woman, Al — Rabiya.

She was frantically searching something in the street on a dark night. Seeing old woman struggling alone there, neighbors came and started searching with her without knowing what valuable item she has lost. After awhile, one searching-woman asked Rabiya, "What have you lost?"

Rabiya replied, "I lost my only sawing-needle, which is my bread-earning life." With renewed efforts everyone continued great search. After a while someone asked Rabiya, "Are you sure you lost it here?"

She replied, "No, I lost it in my hut." People laughed jokingly and one said, "We were sure that as you are old, you are weird and funny, but this confirms your complete insanity. You lost needle in your dilapidated dwelling and must be mad to search for it in the street, which is away from your hut. Why do you do this absurd search? You made us fool and wasted our precious time?"

Rabiya replied, "Beloved friends, so sorry for this, but as there is no light in my hut but here in the street, so searching here and uninvited you all joined in my task, but still forgive me." Crowd-leader shouted with group laughter, "You have really gone senile and confirms our earlier judgment, but did not know that you are really stupid and idiot, to search in the street, when you jolly well know that you lost needle in your haunting-hut. Your reasoning to do this is that there is no light in your hut, but here. What a fool?"

Rabiya said with compassionate grin, "What you all are doing on the name of search for happiness, peace, love, god, just see. Have you really lost these? If you are wise, you may ask, where really you lost. And look where are you searching? You are conditioned or can see outside only, so you search in churches, temples, synagogues, mosques, and such holy-places, but outside in the world always, where you didn't lose. Why? Look, what have you achieved so far by this outside search. You lost contact with same and other species of the planet and still a beggar of happiness, peace and all such most valuable experiences. Needle-search was well designed for you all to have a practical lesson and was the purpose for this divine-drama. Do remember that you haven't lost these things anywhere outside. Stop searching in the outside sunlight or created neon-lights, as you see total darkness in your inner-hut/heart. You haven't learnt to see within yet and started searching mechanically outside only. What a stupidity not to learn from generations' failure to such search. Why be a sheep rather than claiming your lion-ness by searching inside with lighted lamp of Awareness and dispel inner eternal darkness? Then you will never lose your inner peace/calmness, as it is your subjectivity. Any outer object is distraction to this inner-heaven."

Gokul Gokani has lived in Ashland since 1999. He is a Reiki Master, Ayurveda counselor, healer and spiritual counselor. Gokani has lived in India, England, Kenya Africa. e-mail: dr_gokani@hotmail.com

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