America's energy anachronism

Our congressional legislators need to hear from citizens who are very dissatisfied and disappointed about a major issue, which was left unsettled when Congress left for a five-week vacation this August. They abandoned solutions to resolve the high gas prices, which have caused a public financial crisis for so many people.

A number of positive solutions were proposed in Congress that could have resolved our critical energy problem, but conservative congressional representatives have put up roadblocks to sensible solutions which might well provide current and future consumer relief.

Instead, they are pushing false solution of "drill here, drill there" promoting an inaccurate premise that poses as an answer, which it is not. It doesn't meet the test for "immediate relief" since it will take many years before oil is available, the quantity is negligible in terms of our needs, the cost quite exorbitant for its limitations and severe damage to our environment is a considerable concern. Most importantly, this does not get us out of the fossil fuel mode of operandi &

an urgent message our planet insistently communicates.

Ideas that make sense are:

1) Tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, now holding over 700 million barrels of oil. Even to release a small fraction, as happened in 1991, 2000, and 2005, would lower gas prices as it did then. However, sad to say, the conservatives opposed this measure.

2) Price gouging could be banned as against the law, which in effect inflates gas prices to gain exorbitant profits, but conservatives voted in opposition to an anti-price gouging bill.

3) Cracking down on oil price speculators as one way to prevent hedge funds and investment bankers using commodities law loopholes to maneuver the futures market thus driving crude oil prices to top record levels was another measure that conservatives opposed.

4) A windfall-profits tax on Big Oil, which is benefiting these companies to rake in huge profits, was also blocked in the Senate in June.

I believe that the conservatives need to be held accountable for failing to make true progress on energy solutions. A "drill" proposal, which attempts to fool the public into thinking they are being well served, is a galaxy away from the truth. They need to be notified that this charade is unacceptable and urged to change their course to support and promote a creative and positive energy plan.

Anne Bodin

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