America speaks to Iran with forked tongue — again

The big news this week is the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Iran. On Memorial Day, talked for four hours and agreed on nothing. That's the big news. They talked.

The accusations by the U.S., that Iran is supporting the so-called "terrorists" in Iraq, was reiterated in news reports. As usual, the national news contains no response by Iran to such charges. That's big news?

The bigger news was completely overlooked as reporters clamored to meet deadlines.

A description of the meeting fills out the news report until we find a gem buried deep within the story. That single line item speaks of the reason why there has been a 27-year diplomatic freeze between the U.S. and Iran. It tells us the ice was created in the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution and the seizure of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.

Without an inkling of the historical distortion that remark contains, the American public is convinced this is the truth, and that our wonderful freedom-loving nation has held a rightful grudge against an aggressive people who attacked innocent diplomats for no apparent reason in 1979.

Fortunately, truth will prevail in this column, if not elsewhere.


The Iranian Revolution is akin to the American Revolution. The Iranians were revolting against a tyrannical government that orchestrated governance over the Iranian people from afar. That government was the United States.

In 1953, through a CIA covert operation called Project Ajax (led by Kermit Roosevelt; grandson of Teddy, cousin of FDR), the U.S. overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran and subsequently established control of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company for 26 years. I'm waging that most Americans would admit that such an act was outside of the boundaries of our constitution and against the moral beliefs most of us hold dear. Yet, our government acted on its own, without the knowledge of the American people.

That decision made the U.S. government an aggressive, tyrannical force that initiated violence against an innocent people for the purpose of forcibly taking control of oil that did not belong to us. I find that reprehensible and egregious.

The Iranian people failed to find much pleasure in it either. Have you read the letter written in May 2006 by the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to President George W. Bush? (). He is well aware of the aggressive history the U.S. has in Iran and elsewhere throughout the Middle East.

Are you?

In February of 1979, the Iranian people revolted against the U.S.-installed Shah of Iran and regained the freedom to determine the course of their country.

Today's news reports regarding the re-establishment of U.S.-Iranian diplomacy would have the public believe that the break in diplomacy was due to the Iranian Revolution. That would be a lie.

From February 1979 to November 1979, the U.S. Embassy in Tehran continued to operate. The U.S. did not remove all its diplomats and military contingent from the compound. And from February to November, there seemed to be no reason to do so, since the Ayatollah Khomeine issued a decree upon his arrival in Tehran that no harm should come to foreigners in the land.

But in November, then-president Jimmy Carter announced that he was opening the way for a visit to the United States by the exiled Shah of Iran (purportedly to receive cancer treatments). That touched off anger throughout Iran, and a mob of students (not the military) rushed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, capturing its occupants and holding them hostage until the U.S. met two demands:

1.Return the Shah to stand trial for numerous atrocities (acts akin to the murderous tyrant Saddam Hussein).

2.Apologize for the illegal and immoral overthrow of the Iranian government and subsequent 26 years of puppet rule by the tyrannical Shah.

While I do not condone the taking of hostages, just as I do not condone the violent overthrow of sovereign governments, I find it interesting that the demands of the hostage-takers seemed a reasonable exchange for the safe return of American citizens.

Carter, though warned by his advisors (including Henry Kissinger), was determined he would not return the Shah nor apologize for the wrongs committed against the people of Iran. Within two months, Carter issued a decree of his own in his State of the Union address to the American people. He stated:

"An attempt by any outside force to gain control of the Persian Gulf region, will be regarded as an assault upon the vital interests of the United States, and such an assault will be repelled by any means necessary, including military force."


8 months after that fateful decree, Saddam Hussein invaded Iran with the assistance of the United States. Iraq was provided chemical weapons of mass destruction that were used on both Iranians and Kurds in the region. The U.S. denied its involvement until it was caught in the lie. Then it removed Iraq from the list of "terrorist" nations and began a formal support of Iraq in the 8-year war.

Despite the U.S.-Iraqi coalition that initiated hostilities against the Iranian people, the hostages were eventually returned to the U.S. on the day president Reagan was inaugurated, as a slap in the face of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Carter.

Today, Iran has every reason to distrust the liars in Washington. So do the American people. The decisions made in the White House and Congress have placed the citizenry in danger. But is it "radical Islamofascists" that we need to fear?


The ramp-up to attacking Iran is well underway. The propaganda that continues to regurgitate the government's unsubstantiated position that Iran is fueling the fire in Iraq continues in the mainstream press. The unsubstantiated accusation that Iran is seeking to build a nuclear weapon is the same one used to garner support from Congress to invade Iraq in 2003.

The warning issued to Iran by Vice President Cheney from the deck of an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf is yet more saber-rattling that has gone unnoticed by the American people. And the "show of force" by the U.S. military that took place near Iran's territorial waters just a few days ago is yet another clear indication of the intent of our nation to attack Iran if it fails to comply with our policies in the Persian Gulf region.

Iran has every right to be cautious and prepared. The U.S. may talk diplomacy, but it has also spoken loudly of its intent to use force. The likelihood is that covert ops are already being conducted and Iranian targets have already been identified. The U.S. military is merely conducting the usual exercises necessary to prepare for all-out war in the event such a decision is rendered. And in all accounts, the White House is indicating it plans to attack Iran.


Nearly three months ago, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee heard testimonies from former national security advisors, including Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, who served under Jimmy Carter. Brzezinski's testimony was telling. He outlined what he called a "plausible scenario" leading up to the U.S. military attacking Iran. That scenario included failure of Iraq to meet "benchmarks" set by the White House and Congress, which would be blamed on Iran. Following those failures, a staged terrorist attack either in Iraq or on American soil would be conducted by our government and blamed on Iran.

The national media has failed to adequately report on Brzezinski's prediction. But the former national security advisor's inside knowledge of the treachery of this nation's callous leaders is quickly coming to fruition. For those who are paying attention, the positioning in the chess game is clearly indicative of a pending attack.

In less than 70 days, the president has requested to receive "The Plan" created by the newly installed National Security Coordinator. If you haven't heard any of this before, buckle your seatbelt and settle in for a wild ride. The notion that "this could never happen in America" is about to be a distant memory of a more innocent, less informed citizen.


If you think you know your government, think again. Some of the most knowledgeable political pundits, congressional leaders and other elected officials would fail a simple three-question test that every American ought to ace.

My assumption is that most readers of this article will also fail this test. The result of such failure is catastrophic &

in that it demonstrates the success of an insidious plot to take over this nation and run it as a dictatorship.

Perhaps that notion can be presumed an overstatement. So, you decide what it means. Take the test, then offer your perspective about the potential ramifications of the answers.

Question No. 1:

Who is the National Continuity Coordinator and what powers does the position possess?

Question No. 2:

Former president George H. Bush was former head of the CIA. His son, Dubya, appointed another former head of the CIA to the position of Secretary of Defense (Robert Gates). John Negroponte (now No. 2 in the State Department) was the former head of what collaboration of secret agencies within the executive branch &

and what are the names of all those agencies under his command?

Question No. 3:

Since 9/11, the executive branch has expanded its powers and scope to include a new Department of Homeland Security. From that new department, another new scope of government power has emerged. What are the definitions of the following new policies &

and budget amount allocated for their implementation &

through this newly-established broadening of government power?

National Essential Functions, Continuity of Government (COG), Continuity of Operations (COOP), Primary Mission Essential Functions (PMEF), Enduring Constitutional Government (ECG).

That's the entire test. If you fancy yourself an avid reader of political issues and insider information, you may have some knowledge about the answers to the questions above. But if you, like most Americans, have not really paid attention to the continual efforts of the executive branch to usurp the will of the people and the powers of the legislative and judicial branches of government, then you are probably surprised by the questions and will likely be shocked by the answers.


Of course there will be those who stand so firmly entrenched in government propaganda that any dissension that dares dispute the authority and supremacy of our executive leaders will be dismissed without investigation of any sort. But for those who believe in the freedoms we hold dear and the power of the people of this nation to determine the best course of governance, then this is your wakeup call.

Answer No. 1:

President George W. Bush signed a presidential directive on May 9, 2007 that appointed the former Assistant to the President of Homeland Security as the new National Continuity Coordinator. The name of this person is Frances Fragos Townsend.

The White House spells out the extensive powers of this newly established position. Unfortunately, it doesn't provide much clarity about the salary for such an enormous amount of responsibility, nor does it offer us the specifics regarding the chain of command extending from this individual post. We do not know how many underlings Townsend will have to help her create "The Plan" (as it is titled) that is due on the president's desk within the next 70 days.

Answer No. 2:

The Office of Director of National Intelligence was established by the Intelligence Reform and Terrorist Prevention Act of 2004 &

an outcropping of the fear created by 9/11. John Negroponte was appointed the first director of this agency, which was to oversee the 16 secretive agencies operating within the chain of command of the executive branch.

These agencies do not answer to Congress, are not overseen by Congress, are not governed by Congress, and cannot be made to do anything outside of the will of the president even if demanded by Congress. The CIA is still stonewalling a demand by Congress to review its report on the events of 9/11. Legislation has been drawn up by three senators (Whyden, Rockefeller and Bond) to force the CIA to comply with the requirements of Congress. It will likely be defeated within the Senate itself as operatives working on behalf of the executive branch, rather than the people, will seek its destruction. Moreover, the budgets of these secretive agencies are not known to the public, nor are their secret missions and objectives. We must trust that everything they do is in the best interest of the American people.

Answer No. 3:

The answer to question — is inherent in discovering the answer to question 1. Within the scope of duties of the National Continuity Coordinator is the responsibility for coordinating an expansive new plan, developed by the coordinator, that encompasses all of the newly created terminologies which function as specific directives for the coordinator to implement throughout the nation. These directives include establishing cooperation between all state, regional, local governments and even tribal governments under the umbrella of The Plan developed and executed by the executive branch of government. The legislative and judicial branches are both subject to coordination within The Plan as well.Enforcement of The Plan is not yet known. But the establishment of The Plan is well underway.


The Plan will be executed in the event of the next attack upon American soil. And lest we forget, our leaders in the executive branch have promised the American people one thing in their "war on terror" that has not changed &

we will be attacked again. But by whom?

This is truly the last point of opportunity, I believe, the American people have to save this republic from tyranny within our leadership. Now is the time to push our Congress members to express outrage at this not-so-subtle attempt by the executive branch to take total control of this nation. Now is the time for Congress to rise up from the cowardice that has run through its halls and show the President that this nation still belongs to the American people.

Bush has demonstrated his resolve to take over and control Iraq. He has bullied Congress into going along, even when the majority of the people represented by Congress are opposed to the President's plans. He has forced Congress to water down and vote down its own planned resolution of dissent. He had already pushed Congress to vote for an invasion based on a foundation of lies and deceit. He has subsequently pushed Congress to authorize as much funding as he has demanded, several times &

while punishing Congress for its attempts to set timetables and guidelines for bringing home the sons and daughters of the American people.


On May 9, 2007 Bush moved yet again to expand his power over the people. And by the end of summer Congress will find itself doing exactly what is has done several times before &

reacting to a foregone conclusion and pretending to do something while doing nothing but acquiescing to the President's demands.

The time is now for the American people to demand that Congress establish an independent investigation of 9/11. The events of 9/11 helped provide a path for the continual over-reach of the executive branch for power it ought not possess. And if the investigation confirms what numerous questions have already brought to light, the executive branch deliberately staged a murderous attack upon innocent Americans in order to implement a plan that has far-reaching ramifications.

And before one dismisses such a notion as "conspiracy theory," perhaps some insight is found by examining the testimony of former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Feb. 1. In that testimony he offered a plausible scenario for the executive branch's ramp-up to attacking Iran. That plausible scenario included a staged attack upon the American people, blamed on Iran.


Brzezinski's false flag notion regarding America's intention toward Iran isn't far from the presumption that the government actually did stage such an attack in the ramp-up to invading Iraq, given the knowledge that the U.S. government had waged continuous bombing attacks against Iraq for a decade prior to the 2003 invasion without achieving its desired goal of removing Saddam Hussein.

The "conspiracy theory" that cannot be accepted is the one proffered by the government. It states that 19 Muslims hijacked four passenger airliners with knives and box-cutters, flew them uninterrupted into two buildings in New York and the Pentagon in D.C., with the fourth crashing into a field in Pennsylvania. No major debris of the enormous passenger airliner was recovered from the Pentagon site.

The Twin Towers in New York suddenly collapsed into their own footprints, while a third building also followed suit despite never being hit by a plane. Cellphone calls were supposedly made from airlines at over 30,000 feet during a hijacking. NORAD either didn't get the information it needed (according to the FAA), or did get it (according to NORAD), and failed to execute the very training it was created for to intercept the passenger airliners. Bush's statements are so ludicrous that the only way anyone could continue to believe any aspect of the government's "conspiracy by Muslims" theory is to fail to ever go back and watch the news reels, listen to the audiotapes or .

After 9/11, the stonewalling of the government, the super-fast effective cleanup of the Twin Towers site (much to the chagrin of those who lost loved ones whose bones were still being discovered years later), and the rigging of the 9/11 Commission are all suspicious events. Add to that the ominous omissions of answers to numerous questions asked by the Family Steering Committee, as well as the complete failure of all mainstream national media to conduct even ONE in-depth investigation from that day to this, and you've got yourself enough reasons to hire a truckload of investigators!


But neither Congress nor the mainstream national media has investigated even those questions posed by the Family Steering Committee and ignored by the 9/11 Commission. Nor have the members of Congress and the editors of mainstream newspapers in the national media looked into the questions posed by numerous scholars and amateur sleuths that are deemed suspicious by both the media and Congress. The Washington Post conducted an (the author of five books on 9/11, including his latest, Debunking 9/11 Debunking).

In that article, the Post acknowledged several of Griffin's points were legitimate, yet instead of following up and conducting its own investigation, it juxtaposed Griffin's postulates against a number of other efforts within the 9/11 Truth Movement that were unconnected to Griffin's study and seemed on the fringe. Such an inclusion of Griffin's work with efforts that have been discounted or found too extreme to be considered credible was a disgraceful piece of propaganda posed by the Post.

But it provided more insight into the mindset of the media, which has a responsibility and duty to find and report the truth of government actions and nefarious activities to the public to which the government ought to be accountable.


Given the fact that the media isn't doing its job and Congress hasn't done its job in a very long time, my warning goes out to all who will read and take heed &

tyranny is coming.

We have a tiny window of opportunity if we act now to push Congress to open an independent investigation of 9/11, utilizing the foremost thinkers and experts available within the 9/11 Truth Movement in conjunction with congressional leaders, investigative journalists and editors of newspapers and magazines, and judicial branch appointees. This investigation cannot be conducted in secret, but it ought to be done with every element of it videotaped and made available within a short period of time to the general public.

The American people are in danger of losing a much-revered republic. As Benjamin Franklin once quipped about America's established form of government, "It is a Republic ... if you can keep it!"


is the author of, "The WHOLE Truth about the U.S. War on Terror: answers to every question you never knew to ask"

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