Another fast-food restaurant shut

The KFC/AW restaurant off Exit 14 closed its doors last week.

It's the latest in a line of chain-store closures on the south side of Ashland in recent years. Dairy Queen, Denny's, McDonald's and Pizza Hut all have ceased operating since 2003 &

a situation that many locals point to as an example of Ashland's independent spirit.

Yvonne Fox, a real estate agent from RE/MAX in Medford, is handling the sale of the building and land.

She said the owner lives in Nevada and is experiencing personal problems.

"Rather than trying to run the business from another state, he decided he'd just sell," she said.

Fox, who said the property was originally purchased for $1.6 million, said it's listed to sell at $900,000.

"That's a steal in Ashland," she said, adding that a couple people have expressed an interest in the building.

"They are from the food industry, but it's different from the KFC franchise," said Fox.

The building does have a drive-thru window, but Fox said the new owner will have to go through the permitting process again.

Ashland allot 12 drive-up permits that have strict regulations, including a five-minute waiting time for running vehicles.

Fox said, "It looks like someone might be willing to sell their permit to us; but I won't know about that for a couple of weeks."

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